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Instructables Show & Tell event in Chicago, Nov. 18. 6pm - 9pm Answered

Calling all Instructables folks in the Chicago area!

We're going to be having a Show & Tell event tonight in Chicago at the Craftsman Experience. We'll have tables to show off your latest creations, food, drinks, and a few giveaways to thank you for coming out. It should be a lot of fun. If you're nearby, come over to show off your latest projects or just to see what others have done. Would love to see you there!

This is an all ages event and totally free. If you can't make it, check out the live feed below at 8pm EST/ 5pm PST for some interviews!

Show & Tell event page on Facebook


How did it go?


6 years ago

bring it on!

The event is happening now! Check back in 20 minutes for some interviews.

Hey folks, I'll be out there Friday showing some work and chatting with all comers. Be good to meet some fellow authors and enthusiasts in person.


6 years ago

Man I wish I could go! Unfortunately it doesn't work like this:

Me: Dad, can we go to Chicago for an instructables show and tell?

Dad: Sure son! Let me get the car keys.

*SIGH* If only...oh well!

I'll be there, showing off some fun stuff. I'll also be giving away some solar cells to people who stop by say "Miller is the Champagne of Beer" without laughing out loud.


Thank god I live in the Chicago Area ! :DD

So coming!...Age limit? Can I bring friends!? Psyched for this!

P.S.S. (?) Why I am I posting this from the future? Any explanation Kiteman? I noticed your comment and I'm quite intrigued...

I knew it was P.P.S.! I thought it just looked weird...haha. Thanks for the info I hope I can come! Looks awesome!