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Instructables Show and Tell in the UK! Answered

I'm going to do it.

I'm going to organise a Show and Tell event in the UK.

Eric, the grand chap, has given me permission to use the Instructables' name to promote the event.

It will be in the East of England, probably in Beccles, Suffolk.

Google Map

However, I cannot yet give an exact date, as we have just discovered that #2 son needs kidney surgery, and we will not find out the date of the op until late in April. The main reason I'm posting this thread is to cut down on the excuses I can make for not doing organising it.

So, the good news is, it will happen, the bad news is, I don't know when.

If you want to be involved, then join the group or email ideas / offers of help to the address in the second image.


I won't be able to come... Too far away :(

Cool. And when did you grow a beard ? :-)

It's not me, I'm afraid, merely an image culled from the net. I did used to sport a beard. It was dark red, which contrasted nicely with my brown hair. I shaved it off about seven or eight years ago, when my eldest decided he was scared of it, and I won't grow it back because it doesn't come through red any more.

Despite my wife wanting me to have one, I break out in pimples and it just doesn't go away....I prefer the daily face scrape then the pain of acne :-) I hope your son will be ok (kidney). And hopefully your Show n Tell comes off nicely too.

Thanks - it's an on-going thing. He's 7, and has had kidney stones since around birth (possibly before). This will be his third op to remove the constantly-growing beasties, on top of numerous rounds of lithotripsy. He's on permanent medication to try and ease the condition, but the only time he seems ill from the stones is for a day or two after surgery.

He has, we think, a very high pain threshold, which helps greatly. The morning after his first operation, not even two years old, he pulled out his own morphine drip because it got in the way of him crawling around the bed. He made do with oral paracetamol after that.

The happy chap in the 'ibles ( here, here (with video) and here ) is him being his normal self.

(Me, I can't sit still when the dentist scrapes my teeth.)

Aww, For someone so young, still he sounds like quite the trouper :-)
I have a friend that goes through this frequently too, but he is nearly my age.

(Me, I can't sit still when the dentist scrapes my teeth.)

Sometimes it depends on the "type" of pain too. I can't stand myself when I have a headache, but I have also plunged a large flathead screwdriver into my palm (about an inch or so in, at an angle), cursed myself because it was REALLY dirty and greasy, and then scrubbed the wound out with rubbing alcohol and a toothbrush (realizing that an infection would become much MORE painful :-)
We are all different (thankfully :-)

I can relate - I sliced open my knee pretty badly unloading fireworks several years ago on the back of a trailer hitch cover. I did realize I was cut but I didn't notice the streaming blood that was everywhere. It really felt fine actually until people pointed out how much blood there was. I've also fallen and cut the skin very close to my eye (I was almost blinded) and hadn't realized it until I woke up the next morning. First Picture is of the eye scar. It's right at the end of my eye. The trailer hitch cover actually slipped up under my kneecap when it went in :D


Kneecap.....OUCH. The eye, yeah I have a similar scar (yep still with me as I approach 50 LOL) above the eye where I ran into a fence post with a sled. The head of a nail was sticking out of the post.....that could have been "messy". Head wounds like that REALLY bleed a lot too. 12 stitches without being anesthetized (because of the location). Fun times.....not.

Not that I want to play scar wars, but I also had open heart surgery when I was 2. 15 years later and the 6 1/2" scar still stands out. I would take a picture, but my camera is nowhere to be found... That's awful about your eye. I know someone who's brother did the same thing minus the blood and stitches but plus one major concussion.

Oh dear me, I hope I wasn't appearing as if I was trying to "compete" here, with our scar comparisons. :-) It was not intended.... My baby sister had open heart surgery shortly after birth, and she is in her 20's now, and yes, the scar is still there, her zipper, she used to call it. :-) It is amazing what they can do on such little organs ( a baby's heart is about the size of a walnut).

No, it was I who was competing, no worries =D

I've heard it referred to as a zipper, a clerk at a store saw it once and asked me if I was part of the "Zipper Club!"

Modern surgery is truly amazing, I'm contemplating getting my scar surgically removed as well. I find it incredible that surgeons can mask it like it was never even there.

Well, I am keeping my facial scars, just for that Richard Widmark look LOL

I cut my finger right open with a 2 person bow saw and ran around in a few circles. It nearly cut the tendon and when they where looking at it at the hospital i had a look at the tendon. It's just a little whit stringy sort of thing and i saw it ove when i bent my finger. I also got some gravel underneath the skin around my right eye so it's a little bumpy when i run my hand over it. I am now 11

I know how nasty a "saw" cut can be, especially those with both cutting and cleaner teeth....ouch. My eye incident happened when I was about that age 11-15ish, but the hand incident happened while I was in my late 20's :-) I should have known better, and yes, I cut through a few muscle tendons at the base of my thumb with the screwdriver blade....not fun.

 Aye Goodhart, I don't get many scars, but how is falling into a sandbar at the beach?

I was about four there, don't know how I survived ... Couldn't swim, but I could kick ...

This is just like that scar-comparison scene in one of the Lethal Weapon films.

Be careful this thread doesn't end the same way as the scene did...

No, I doubt we will go beyond scars :-)

No fair, most of mine are nearly 30 years old and nearly gone :-)
The worst one (as far as dangerous locations) was the one just below my right eyebrow....a nail in a fence post caused that one, but it is nearly invisible now, some 40 years after it's occurrence.

I had a circular one (about the size of a silver dollar) on my left shoulder for a good 25-30 years that went so deep, it removed my freckles for the spot. But it too has long since vanished.

Well I have much older ones that are nearly invisible, one that spanned almost the full width of m arm when I was ten has shrank and shortend...

Bad english I meant much older for me, that and since the majority were gotten before I grew to size it means that they've become quite odd, also apart from surface grazes I usualy have a really high healing peed to scars can become non visible quickly...

Why not just say it's a pissing contest? Same thing! :D

They don't normally end up with the contestants making passionate love.

Not usually, anyway.

It's also worth mentioning for the eye wound that most of my face was covered in blood. I found out when i woke up and the pillow was all red XD

It's the adrenaline.

Someone once accidentally tripped me while I was holding a glass mug. I fell, it shattered. I only noticed my scrape knee. It wasn't until someone pointed it out that I saw my hand was squirting blood in tune with my pulse. Unfortunately, the scar is pretty unnoticeable, it blends in with the folds of my hand.

Still, paper cuts hurt like mad, and then theres' the cut I received on the back of my little finger when I accidentally closed my pocket knife on it, that I didn't notice was a cut at all until my Mom told me I was bleeding all over the kitchen floor...that one went to the bone.


10 years ago

Check out this modified picture for you to use. This could end up being the Instructables UK logo.


Or try this one. It could end up as the logo too. Even though I don't live in the UK or England, I just thought I could help out.


Could you do Robot with a St George's Cross on his chest?

Here you go. Maybe not my best work but hey, I did it in 20 minutes. =P


20 Minutes for that? No offence, but that could take me about 2-3.

Ooh, no! he looks awful! =D

-how about a Union Jack?

-how about a Union Jack?

Seconded =D


It's the Union Flag - it's only a Union Jack if it's flying from a ship.

(Whatsisface - he looks a bit... flushed. I kind of meant like a badge - think Superman logo)

...it's only a Union Jack if it's flying from a ship.


So Mini Cooper lied to me?? *sobs*

Well let's get a ship.

So it's a Union jack! =P

 Hm, a little too far. But awesome show anyway!

The last Faire was over in Newcastle - not bad for you.

Ach, every time I settle down to try something, life happens!

However, gmjhowe is much more on the ball than me in this matter, getting together a UK Instructables presence for the next maker faire over here.

Yup! We're having a stall at the 2011 Maker Faire.

Is that officially confirmed already?

Well... Steve, Lizzy, Jake, Hannah and I all plan to go. There aren't dates/tickets/table bookings out yet. But that's the plan! We WILL go to the ball!