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Instructables & Silhouette Live Broadcast Answered

Date & Time:
Tuesday, June 16th
10am PST



Instructables is partnering with Silhouette, electronic cutting tools for the modern maker, for a live broadcast! Follow along as we teach you how to use the Silhouette Portrait to make several amazing Instructables. Best of all, we'll be giving away a Silhouette Portrait to a random winner at the end of the broadcast.

To enter:
  1. Follow both Instructables and Silhouettes twitter page
  2. Retweet the Meerkat broadcast link (we will post this link the Monday before the broadcast)
  3. Tune into the Meerkat broadcast (we will post this link the Monday before the broadcast)

Tutorials include:
Glow in the Dark Lantern t-shirt
Print & Cut 3D Robot
Vinyl Laptop Decal



Thanks for running this workshop Carleyy! I had issues getting picture and it was skippy and went into a loop for a bit, but with a few reloads got it to work. On a whole, it was a very cool experience. Thanks again!

you were the ONLY person to be able to get into it then.

No, there were plenty of people commenting and asking questions. People are just more likely to come back here and comment when they couldn't get it to work.

I tried 4 different browsers, with and with out extensions. the event wouldn't let us login.

the giveaway should include those who were unable to login into the event. if it doesn't my wrath will be felt.

I'm sure it did. You didn't have to see the video to enter. It was based on following the two twitter feeds and tweeting the workshop link.

just going from the above instructions, a login event is required. If just following was indeed all that was required, then I have no problem. I soul like some official input on this though.


3 years ago

Not able to get through.. Please upload the video so that we can watch, If possible .. Thanks

me too, never able to watch properly

Was never able to connect to watch....kept getting an error.


3 years ago

I can't enter the broadcast channel... Gives error:

We're sorry, but something went wrong.

hmm, I keep getting server errors when trying to log in with twitter. Can't seem to watch the session

Agh, can't watch- it says "something went wrong" when trying to log into meerkat through twitter...

same here, although I did get added to the list....

I guess this is one way where they dont have to give anything away...

I can't enter the broadcast channel...

Captura de pantalla de 2015-06-16 18:02:16.png

What channels is this going to be on am very interested. I have no sound so I hope it it not on the

If I already have one of these, can I win another one? It is a fantastic machine, you can even do car graphics with it too.

Is this competition open to people outside of U.S.A.? Would be interesting to watch, especially the robot tutorial! :)

But can everyone win? Apparently Silhouette can only ship to America and Canada...

Any way we can sign up for some sort of reminder, email or otherwise? I LOVE the Silhouette products!

Here is the link to the event: http://meerkatapp.co/instructables/sch-45738cc3-614b-435e-ae87-2d8bc40a69f5?utm_source=twitter

The broadcast link will be added to this forum in a couple hours. Stay tuned!!

you said "Like both Instructables and Silhouettes twitter page", did you mean Follow ?

Secondly, searching for "Silhouettes" in twitter brings up few Silhouettes pages. Which one to follow ? Please provide a link

Edits made! Thanks for pointing them out!

If you click on the Silhouette link in the text and scroll to the bottom, there is a twitter link to their feed.