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Instructables Sister Company on BBC Answered

Squid Labs spin-off company Potenco is cropping up quite a bit on the BBC website at the moment, snugly amongst the fuss about the latest "Get 1 Give 1" project by One Laptop Per Child (they're working with Amazon now).

The pull-cord generator (called a yo-yo generator by the BBC) is shown as an integral part of the OLPC system.

BBC description
BBC Video (may not be viewable outside UK)
Get 1 Give 1 Story
Potenco PCG


I wish those were for sale to the public. Having one of those would be SO useful.

Why not look into an Eee PC or a Dell Inspiron Mini 9? I'm saving up for the Mini 9; it's a nice piece of hardware, and you can get it with a slimmed-down Ubuntu 8.04 already on it.

Oh, JUST the generator. (_')

That would be pretty useful, but on its website it says that pulling the generator for 1 minute only yields 20 mins of cell phone use, so it probably wouldn't mean much computer time, especially on an Intel Quad Core XLR Pentium V 3.6GHz proc machine. Just saying.

Its good for smaller stuff. Besides continuous pulling is better than being stuck without a computer.

I really want an OLPc.

You can buy them on Amazon.

The catch is that you have to buy two - one for yourself, one for somebody who actually needs it in the third world.

Squid labs worked on the OLPC ? I didn't know that!