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Instructables Smallest Paper Airplane Challenge Answered

So Lftndbt and I have a challenge going for who can make the smallest paper airplane and I decided that we should move it over here. So, let the contest begin. Just take a picture of your plane next to the cm side of a ruler and post the picture here for the contest.

Bring it on!!!

1st lan01 at 2.5 mm
2nd V-Man737 at 3.175mm
3rd n8man at 4mm

NOTE: It doesn't have to fly (not that it could at this size), it just has to look like a paper airplane.


I know this is, like 3 years late, but N8MAN, I ACCEPT YOUR CHALENGE!


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You can typically tell by the division-method used
  • Metric features 1/10th divisions, usually with the 1/2 division slightly enlarged.
  • English typically uses 1/2nth divisions, with each split a slightly smaller mark.

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Is that one inch, or one centimetre?

 I got mine to .5mm but I don't have a macro camera. When I take a photo all you see is this little . next to the ruler.

ps. I put it in a plastic bag but I couldn't find it until i went over the bag with a magnifying glass.

Ok, 2mm, I think, we don't do metric. There should have been some warnings issued before someone else attempts this: I lost 2 planes into the keyboard abyss when I breathed. I think I inhaled the others as I was trying to get a close-up super macro shot and had to make another plane. Tweezers and a sharp pair of scissors is a must. I'll have to find the guy that does writing on a grain of rice to put on its tail markings.


Ha ! I have troubles working with capacitors the size of the nail on my little finger....I can't even imagine working with paper smaller than that even.

Nice, I actually think that that is 1mm. Pretty amazing, (note, this forum topic is around 4 months old!!!that is pretty old for newer members)

Lot of stuff got o_O bumped. Fun anyway.

BRB... lol

I made an 8mm plane that can fly around max, 5 feet.

Goodness me, how did I miss this thread the first time around?

Whilst those weeny 'planes are impressive, I'd like to see how small you could make a paper aeroplane and still have it fly (not fall in a controlled parabola, like Killerjackalope's dart, but actually fly) - travel in a flatter trajectory than a simple throw.

Wait and i'll make one very small

I made a 7.5mm plane but I don't have a good enough camera

Is this sparked by kiteman and I?

If so one of us holds the title for smallest flying plane at the moment, his being a big wide glider while mine being a dart with weird wings to make it work...

Cheers, we were commenting about it on his then he made me make it, leading to me publishing three 'ibles in one night...

Damn you giving me ideas, got no time for life gotta be making 'ibles all day and night...

I made one at 2.5mm yesterday, didn't get around to posting it soon enough. No tools except scissors.

Does it fly?

Sorry my measuring instrument is in inches. 1/8 inch is about 3.175mm (I think I could get it smaller but I only wanted to just barely beat you). Note the tweezers and fingernail clippers that assisted me in this endeavor. Let me know if you need me to zoom in better or sharpen it.
What do I win?

Tiny Airplane.jpgTiny Tiny Airplane.JPG

Nice! You temporarily win the pride of making the smallest paper airplane.

You know that the big text is broken...

Damn!! Phone camera won't take the pic.. I'm out till I get my camera back.


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I'm not sure if my camera phone will macro any smaller.

If you make one that is smaller than mine I will be forced to take out my microscope.

Awww, I don't have a microscope. I have a big magnifying glass though!!

That's funny as!! C'mon, no one can beat 6mm. Not even you, yes you reading. Go on, just try and beat me. LMAO Only jks. ;)

C'mon I was hoping for a challenge.... Pffft!!! I'll be back!!