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Instructables Statistics Answered

Monthly Traffic
People 4.3M (US 2.7M)
Page Views 45.6M (US 27.1M)

US Demographics
55% Male, 45% Female
82% Caucasian

"This site attracts a less affluent audience."

"There is a high index of College Graduates here."

Audience Also Searches For
"how to make moonshin"
"how to kiss"
"mouse trap car"
"how to make a still"
"origami rose"
"potato gun"
"how to draw graffiti"
"how to make a bomb"
"how to make a bow"
"how to make wine"
"how to solve a rubix"

All this and more statistics here.

By catergory Global People Global People %

tech      1,490,650	32.90%craft        960,306	21.20%offbeat     604,246	13.30%index       476,859	10.50%life 	     444,854	9.80%home       440,639	9.70%green       420,722	9.30%art 	       409,729	9.00%food       386,673	8.50%games      324,747	7.20%science 	269,921	6.00%ride           255,199	5.60%outdoors 	234,394	5.20%music 	139,924	3.10%kids  	108,103	2.40%photography 	106,470	2.40%pets  	87,112	1.90%sports 	68,147	1.50%knex 	45,614	1.00%holiday 	25	<1%


Thanks for the extra detail - for such a lot of traffic I do find the stat's interesting.

How much weight do you give to Audience Also Searches For?
E.g. I saw another "How to get on Facebook at school" today, and thought that must be something a lot of people want to do if not search for?


We don't have any control over audience also searches for.

I meant "do you pay a lot of attention to those stats with respect to what they say about your audience?" Or "would you look at that area and think - perhaps we need more potato guns and origami roses?" L

I don't look at those stats very often. However, when I do, I wonder how to get "how to get a bomb" off of them. A search on google of the form "how to make a bomb site:instructables.com" yields bath bombs as the first real hit.

Thanks, that's the sort of answer I was aiming for. L

I see it, this should bump it.

:-) Woo, hoo! (That you recognized the symbol, that is!)

I can't carry on this ruse any longer. I...I...I have to confess. I...I googled it. I'm so ashamed. I feel so cheap. :-D

Why? Google Is Your Friend! Looking up information is a sign of thoughtful intelligence (witness the incorrigible lack thereof among many I'bles members).

and then again, those of us (or me) that sometimes overuse it ;-)

Actually, I too think the ability to look up things, especially things one knows something even if only a little about makes for a sign of broad based intelligence and no, that is not a gender demeaning remark LOL

Those d**ned K'nexers really skew the demographic. "Primarily male teenagers"?!? Ack! And what a weird contrast with "Primarily college graduates."

XD I do wonder why it's predominantly male, however. There really is a noticeable imbalance.

55-45 is not really as large an imbalance as it could be. You have to admit that gender-based socialization is biased toward males "doing" vs. females "being" or "accepting". You may not like it -- my daughter is certainly going to be drowned in mountains of Legos, Fisher Price workbenches, and My First Propane Torch kits :-) -- but it is a fact of Western/American society.

Why do you people refer to Lego(R) as "Legos"? Is is marketed that way in the US?


Actually, what The LEGO Group (the holding company) prefers is the compound noun "LEGO bricks".

Yes. Does anyone know where "Legos" came from? L

It's an obvious grammatical neologism, using the term "Lego" to refer to a "LEGO brick." Consider the use of "Kleenex" as a noun referent for the corporately preferred expression "Kleenex tissue."

It's the same with the K'NEX construction system - the K'NEXers tend to refer to an individual piece of the system as "a knex", instead of "a K'NEX piece".

Do you spend much time looking at the KNEX? L

Not really, beyond giving them a cursory glance in my Team role. I do seem to spend time arguing with them, though - there are a few prominent K'NEXers who reacted badly to constructive criticism, and decided I was out to get them.

Mmm, I can imagine that - If I ever see a load of the stuff cheap I might have a go - I've got one piece somewhere I think... L

Did I really do something, or is this I comment I don't need to worry about? L

No I just need to learn not to post in a place that will be a hotspot. I'll probably never learn.

Ah, being here has attracted you some messages - not necessarily a bad thing?


Ah, but Kleenex like Lego is a brand, "Kleenexes" (like KNEXes") would be the same type of grammatical neologism. You think it's just fallen into common useage in the same way?
I know old people that pluralise businesses (e.g Tescos) because in the past businesses were more commonly named after the owner. E.g. "Broadbents" would refer to the company of "Thomas Broadbent" because it was his.


Pluralized businesses are more likely supposed to be possessive rather then plural i.e. your example: Tesco's

Yes, I used the wrong word. L

Oh ok. You're excused this time ;-)

Yes, and Coke, and Xerox, and so on. It's exactly the same construction. By the way, the plural of Kleenex is, of course, Kleenices :-)

I don't think so; that would require the singular to be Kleenus :-)

Yeah, but you sound like an idiot saying Kleenices...

some place in denmark. i think it's danish.. Mmmmmm! Danish! anyway, its danish for play good.

Go with the My First MAPP Torch kit...yellow can looks happier and burns hotter.

Good point. It could be way more off than it is. Maybe it seems like more to me because there are (seemingly to me at least) more than this percentage of active, prominent/visible male members as compared to female. >shrug<

And I agree, it definitely reflects society, I've seen it firsthand manymanymany times. :-\ I wish this wasn't so.

Hahaha. My First Propane Torch. :D

It's interesting stuff. If you look at the proportion "passers-by" in relation to "Audience Also Searches For" there's almost certainly lot of casual traffic for what isn't very well represented (i.e. bombs, illegal alcohol, graffiti and Rubik's cube) L

You took a good look at all the information on that site then? I think it has something to do with cookies.... L

mostly snicker-doodles presumably ;-)