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Instructables Sticker! Apply Directly To Laptop! Answered

So, out of curiosity, what did everyone do with their Instructables stickers? It took me a while to commit to it, but I personalized my laptop with one.


 I have a bunch of them in my wallet, but haven't found that special place to stick 'em. I did place one in the stadium at the Puyallup Fair to entertain me during the extraordinarily boring concert. Janitor probably removed it...
Oh, and I did place one in the first ever geocache I found.

I plan to stick one on the Narrows bridge(s), though. 

I couldn't resist making a remark about the stickers being in your wallet...

Well, I don't actually have that many :-)   some are cards.  But I do have a patch :-) 

Nice. I want to put my stickers on something, but it says something on the back so I don't want to peal it off.

Yay! The sooner, the better. The Narrows rock! (ha ha, rock...)

Right ahead of you ;)


It would have looked better if the apple were covered up, but there's no crying over spilled milk now.

Since I won a laptop from the Digital Open, I will probably throw an Instructables sticker on it.

I put one on my laptop as well, and I'm jealously hoarding the others. :D

I'm keeping mine pressed and flat in a huge book called Lord of the Rings - trilogy.


8 years ago

I no haz stickers.

But you're going to get some soon, right? Because you are totally cool, right?

Epic caitlinsdad is epic.

Disregard that, keep on trolling.

I just got 2 stickers from Eric this morning.

Yay! Now what are you going to do with them?

I have planted a few of mine in the "Sticker bin" at my doctor's office;  kind of to spread the word :-)  (these little jars are for the young ones to pick up a sticker after a visit).  

A very few I have placed in public places (one at the new stadium in Philadelphia; one in one of the Statton Isl. ferry boats, etc.).   I have a few of the small "cards" too, and only recently have had a person I could give one to as a reminder to "look you all up".    :-) 

How do people get these stickers?

When I got my postcard from Instructables headquarters, there were two stickers inside. I assumed everyone got the same thing, but I must've been wrong?

No, my card hasn't arrived, I accidentally put in the wrong address, but Eric did give me a chance to fix it.

That's nice of him. I'm sure you'll enjoy the stickers when they arrive!

Yeah, I just have to find somewhere to stick them.... PSP maybe??

I put one on my phone and one on my old ipod but I haven't decided that any other place is good enough for one :P Maybe sometime when we go some place cool I'll put one on something... 


8 years ago

I've got one of the old stickers on my laptop... one with the i'Ble hand and "Share what you can make and how others can make it"
I did have a robot on there too, but I think he started loosing stickiness a few months back.

Since my laptop already had one, I put it on the back window of my truck, next to the NRA one and below the UCF parking sticker.