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Instructables Stickers in Taiwan Answered

A few months ago Instructables user Cousin Steve contacted us about printing up some Instructables stickers to hand out at a DIY event in Taiwan. We thought this was a great idea so I sent Cousin Steve the source files for the Instructables stickers. He then took some awesome initiative and translated our slogan into Chinese, printed up a couple hundred stickers, and has been handing them out to people in Taiwan ever since!

Needless to say we were very impressed and excited with his work. We've told him so, and sent him an Instructables robot t-shirt to thank him for helping us spread the word about Instructables to such a far away place.

If anyone else is interested in printing up Instructables stickers in their area you can download the original files below, translate the text as necessary, and print up some of your very own stickers to hand out. We just request that anyone making any changes to the designs below run them by us first so before having them printed up.

Nice job Cousin Steve!


Doesn't this kind of defeat the purpose of buying the stickers from you?

Or does it make you want to buy more stickers?!?? Think of it like Ladyada's MintyBoost. She documents how she designed it, how to build it, parts list, etc. She even has a PCB CAD file if I recall correctly... But she seems to be successful at selling assemble-yourself kits on her web store.

The open-source revolution :P People sell Linux CDs, and make money, even though the ISO's are free to download. You're still selling a serivce of convience.

Instructables is all about making things, so if you are willing to put the time in to make you own stickers, we think that you should be able to. We're more concerned about keeping our users happy and hooking people up with cool robot stickers rather then making money by selling stickers. The fee for buying stickers through the store is really just to cover the cost of shipping them to you.

No...Unless you have facilities at home to get nice stickers printed, you'll still have to take them to a printing shop. If you want to put a "sponsor" on your robot, it's easier to buy them. If you're taking your robot to the International Competition of Cool Things, then it may be worth it (to some) to print off 200 stickers to hand out.

Awesome! I have gotten a few of my friends into Instructables, one such as Dylan, and I would so print out stickers to give out, but I don't have a sticker making machine thing.

Yeah. It unfortunately requires a pretty sophisticated machine to print the stickers and then cut the outlines.

I've got access to one at my school, or at least a process that will produce similar results :D