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Instructables Store Answered

Unfortunately we've closed down the store for a while.

You can get t-shirts and other goodies through us by winning contests!


We very recently opened up the Instructables Store! Right now it's still very early and only has a few items in it, but we are going to be expanding it a bit more soon.

Currently available are T-shirts, packs of Sugru, and a couple of cardboard kits. Next to be added are more cardboard animals for construction. After that we'll be looking to add a variety of very limited edition items. It will be experimental and we hope to learn a lot from it as well as offer up fun and unique items to all of you.

Again, that's the new Instructables Store! Thank you.


Unfortunately we've closed down the store for a while.

You can get t-shirts and other goodies through us by winning contests!

You can buy Robot T-shirts?!?! Thats awesome, but do you get to pick the colour or is there only one colour it comes in?

At the moment, you have to win a contest to get a t-shirt, or meet up with HQ staff in person.

As for colours, between the four of us, my family has has light blue, dark blue, pink, grey, purple, maroon and black shirts.

Oh right! God job I've won a contest then :-)

Also, your family has 'Ible accounts? Cool! Are they as popular as you on this site? (in terms of followers?)

No, they aren't very active, four or five instructables each.

Oh right. Well at least you don't have to argue for whose turn it is to go on 'Ibles! :D

We've enough tablets etc that everybody could gomon at once, if they wanted.

Oh right, I'm guessing that you have accumulated all those over contests! :D

You make some really good, detailed 'Ibles :-)

Thank you!

No, they weren't prizes, we use them instead of PCs or laotops

Oh, ok so you prefer to use the app instead? I sometimes use the app on the go! A good way to reply to people quickly.

Yeah, I think that the app doesn't show you who has actually replied to you - you don't actually get notified, and so I too prefer on the normal site :-)

The store seems to be "Down". The links are taking me to the admin login page. Please let me know when you get this back on. I would love to buy some Sugru.

The Sugru site will sell you some, and if you livd in the UK, B&Q sells it as well (usually in a cardboard display stand as you walk in).

You might be better off finding sugru at retail hacker type outlets like Maker shed, adafruit or sparkfun. Sugru does have a limited shelf life so you want it fresh. Experiment with "oogoo" which is pure silicone caulk with cornstarch. Lots of ibles on that.

Hey Im not seeing the link at the top of the page anymore?

I want some Sugru!!!

Cool!!! i want one!

In the immortal words of Homer Simpson's brain, "Money can be exchanged for goods and services."

Very cool. Bookmarked!!!

Thanks for letting everyone know. :D