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Instructables Store Answered

Hi, i was wondering what happened to the Instructables Store link. i would like to see whats new there, and cant find the link. any help is greatly appreciated.


Thank you! I never knew there was a shop. But is it true that it doesn't ship internationally?

Only to Canada. Tax issues for us prevent anything else.

Aww :-(
Those T-shirts look utterly desirable.

You "could" get someone to buy one for you (someone you know pretty well) and then ship it to you.

If I knew anyone in Canada. Which I don't.

You can win one, the robot t-shirt is part of the prize pack (assuming that contests entries are accepted from your country.)

I know! I've been trying. :-)

Time to make new friends LOL

Bit of a long story, but here's the short version.

Store got started, hurray!
Store link added to top, yay!
Store put on ice while lawyers think about it for a while so link is removed, boo.
The ice cold period goes on for quite a bit.
Store is re-opened somewhat with less stuff.
Link not yet restored to top, but it should be.

Hmmm. Could we put the lawyers on ice instead? I know a guy who knows a guy from Joisey...

I've seen the lawyers - they're scarier than those good fellows from Jersey.

:-D Oh, sorry, you're British. I wasn't referring to your wacky Normal Crown dependents ;->, but rather our "New" good fellows.


Joke fails...

I was Anglicising Goodfellas.

Ok, Thanks yall. greatly appreciated!