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Instructables Superbeta Answered

Welcome to the new version of Instructables! There are some new things, some old things that work better, and some things we're still working on. We'd love your feedback either on the report bugs section or by sending a note to eric at Squid Labs. Be sure to check out: The reworked image library and new file library, ratings and flags for Instructables and comments, new ways to make and manage groups, RSS feeds for everything, and a bunch of other things! We hope you like it as much as we do!


wow, its like travelling in time!

You did this just to annoy Bumpus, didn't you? ;->

Heehee. Watch me annoy him even more. Stay tuned to the recent forum posts.

Obviously, you didn't see my comment below.. Besides, now that we have a conversation going, I could care less..

Nah, I haven't seen this, so it was worth the bump!

I wonder if this will get dug up now?

Though, for those of us who have not been here since the beginning, it would be cool to see the original, very first ibles..

I saw what you might say as ibles 1.2, the forums had just been released but all was really simple and basic..

I remember that! I used to just peruse through the ibles, and then the forums opened up, and I was like "hey neato..."

HELLZ YAH!! I joined 20 days before you :p

New to this site - just a few days back, so this might be a bit Premature: I wonder if we could have control of the placment of text vs pics in the intro/steps pages? Like - table layout, or some standard templates to select from - or instructions on creating our own display template! Reason - my tutorials often have a lot of pics or screen captures (cropped) interspersed with text, and a single page of the current design - might take 8 - 12 steps to present the same thing with the current control I have so-far discovered. (Did I Miss something?) And with Current tutorials as detailed as they are - I have decided to keep them in the formatted pdf form, since the length is from 11 - 25+ pages!


12 years ago

I miss not having my recent comments show up when I click my own username. That was how I used to try to track "conversations" about instructables....

Sorry to list all negatives, but they're constructive, so! I could really do with page links on the projects page so I don't have to hit page next 1000 times to try to get through the list. Also, when sorting by date, it would be nice if you could sort by most and least recent.

I like: New ways of sorting projects The rating system Deleting comments I don't like: Almost everything else.

Great stuff! No real complaints from me. I easily updated my book from Recent to Sorted by Date links. I am a little surprised you did not create a better favicon. The logo is fine, but when converted to a favicon for the site, it's hard to discern what the hell it is :)

It's interesting. I don't need to see my own Instructables on my front page, though. Also, having problems seeing the images in the "All Steps One Page" and individual steps create error messages.

Scratch that, the images in the All Steps are working for me now. Still getting the errors for the individual steps, though. Liking the new site more and more. Great job! I'll take some time later to check out the new features.


12 years ago

Pros: Yeah, It's really interesting! The comment rating system came from digg I guess?

Cons: Can't get straight into seeing other people's projects....


12 years ago

Hmm, the new Intsructables is definitely sleeker, but it is going to take some getting used to. One of my favorite things about the old Instructables was the Recent Projects section and the ease of getting to it. Today I kind of had to hunt for it, but I slightly remember doing the same the first time I ever got on Instructables. All in all, I saw the Superbeta is an improvement.