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Instructables Superfan!!! Answered


Just... wow.

Eric Nguyen, Interaction Engineer for Instructables...

Eric earned his BS in Computer Science at Harvard and has been building UI toolkits for the web ever since. Eric loves community-building, loud music, and industrial design...

He... just... wrote this article. Well, not just now. Before. I found it on Google when I typed in GorillazMiko.

But wow, just click the link and read the article, it meant so much to me.

Here's some:

Instructables user GorillazMiko is.. I don't know what to say. He's awesome. He's on the site almost all the time, reporting bugs, putting encouraging comments on every new Instructable that gets posted (that can be up to a hundred, some days), and making cool ones, himself.

He does all this, and he's 13 years old. He's trying to get his parents to bring him to the office, the next time they have a family vacation in San Francisco. His parents must be a little confused as to why their son wants to visit some company while they're on vacation.


How often are you on here? Like, based on hours per day.

Where did you find the article? Because when I type in GorillazMiko in the Google search bar all I get is a link saying Instructables member GorillazMiko. And when I click on it it sends me right to your page.

It should be the last link when you type in GorillazMiko in the Google search on the first page.

It should say mindtangle.

Like in, hours per day, don't wurreh, we're all addicted. I'm on here at least twice a day.

Well, I go on an off. I go to school from 8:00 A.M. to about 2:45 P.M. I get home, and get on the computer. Not only for Instructables, because I have homework too. I work at this desk, having Instructables at my side. ;-)


10 years ago

Very nice!


10 years ago

Dude, you're awesome!

*jaw drops* Impressive, most impressive...
I got your MySpace! I'm friends with a celebrity! WOOT!!

Did you even read the article? If you did, you would know.


10 years ago

You're Thirteen? Awesome.


10 years ago

Good on you, GorillazMiko!

Great to see a person who's a positive force get attention, for once.

Hey, GorillazMiko. Well deserved :) One question: What's up with POTATOES?

COOL! you deserve it man! everytime I post a new i'ble, i'm guaranteed to find you there lol


10 years ago

ego'oogling? =)

lucky. i'm the 10th hit on google, and the other hits are for an india company and a tire company.

Hey, that's funny what you find sometimes on the net when you google your screenname or your name. =o)

When I type chooseausername (I can't even spell it correctly at first try), I only find that I have several homonyms ... =o(

That must have been a really great surprise when you discovered this article about you =o)

yaaaaaayyyyy dan quail oh and you're the epitome awesomeness


Awesome write up GM! Everything he mentioned is SO true. It seems like you provide a comment on every instructable! Before I can see if my instructables are in the most recent, you already found them! Nice work my friend!