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Instructables: The Game! Answered

I think it's a great idea, but I wouldn't even know where to get started on the technical aspect, nor the legalities involved. The game is basically a walk through an instructables-inspired home-built city of interesting devices and systems all loosely (or even exactly!) based on actual instructables. During the games as you explore you stumble on different tasks that you have to complete. You find parts to complete tasks scattered about the city, or win them for completing smaller tasks. Thoughts?


actually even if no one is going to work together with me I could make the game, only then I'll make it like click-and-do, so like if you're in a room you can click on a door and you go through it. That's faster to make and those games can still be really cool.

I'm experienced with Adobe Flash and I can do design so I could participate in the making process if it's a collab.

you just lost the game

Your idea sounds really neat.

I'm currently developing an instructables game, but more along the lines of a mario-type game. No release date. Perhaps an alpha version this summer.

I thought about a side-scroller... I think that would be the best format to tackle things like Rube Goldberg machines. My idea is just a shadow at the moment. I could probably flesh out an entire game, but I don't really have any programming knowledge so it's a pretty big hurdle without collaborators.

I thought about a side-scroller... I think that would be the best format to tackle things like Rube Goldberg machines.

Perhaps a format like Phun would work for building things.

Phun looks really neat! Thanks for the link!

Ha ha! My plan worked! You are now addicted!

Hmm, I'm using game maker free version (yes, I know that's terribly uncool). It has a nice drag and drop interface, with options to use code in it.

But what you are describing sounds more like a MMORPG-way beyond the scope of either that program or anything I can do. You're right, collaborators are definitely needed.

May I ask where your username came from?

MMORPG would sure be interesting! Way to make it really interactive and alive! Would be cool if it was possible as open-source. Keep me in the loop about your alpha! :)

It sure would be. In a way, the basic framework is already here on ibles. Usernames, etc. Just instructables isn't a game, it's real life! I will! Thanks for the interest. :)

That was exactly what gave me the idea! I was sitting here loving all the information-sharing goodness I get here everyday and was thinking about how to share the site with more people. But when I searched, I didn't see anything here about a game like I am thinking of. I think a game based on info from the site will really help to pull people here. That helps create new users, who generate new content and traffic. It also helps make new content to constantly update the game! Please let me know if you know any makers or gamers or programmers who might want to get involved with my idea! I'd love to work more on it with someone capable. :D Send 'em to this thread, or give them the idea! I can't own it because I don't own the name, but I'd love to share it!

I think it's an awesome idea! I'll be sure and pass it on to anyone who might be interested. :)

Hey, do you have a post anywhere about it? Or any screenies?

Nah, still building the engine and trying to make it move correctly. I'll post some as soon as I have them though. :)


9 years ago

how can this post only have 19 comments!

Probably because it's not an actual instructable, just an idea I don't know what to do with. :D Thanks for keeping the thread alive!

isn't instructables already like a game? just go on the internet with your Wii, and go to instructables!

Hammering, sawing and sanding with the Wii-remote...?

:D That would be cool! And then you could build circuits and stuff like that

That was exactly the type of thing I was thinking, although maybe not the repetitive things so much as working out different ways of piecing things together, finding common parts to be used for lots of purposes and having a lot of different options based on the area of the city you're in. You could have different areas be themed. Zeitgeistville could be down the road from SteamPunk City, which is right near the Arts region, etc. I know nothing about game development or even controller programming for pc so it's a pipedream. This website is such an inspiration. I'm really surprised they haven't already tackled a game or 5. :D

Hmm, a combo of Instructables in a Eureka style setting...... -)

Hmm... with knex and cyberpunk PvP action?