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Instructables Trivia Patch Give Away!! Answered

I have some patches to give away so I put together an Instructables trivia contest.  First ten people to have all the correct answers (or the ten people with the most correct answers) wins a patch from me.  Contest ends May 31.

1. Which Instructable was the first posted on this site?

2. Which Instructable has the most steps? How many?

3. Which Instructables member has posted the most Instructables?

4. Which Instructable has the most total views?

5. Which Instructable has  the most comments?

6. Which Instructables member has the most best answers ( as of Apri 30, 2010)?

7. Which Instructables member has asked the most questions in 2009?

8. Which Instructables member has the most comments in 2009?

9. Which Instructable is the highest rated?

10. What is the zeroth law?

11. What is the Instructables-Robot's age?



8 years ago

11= 3 years

and the zeroth law is if it has not been published then you can make and publish it (the law in a nutshell)

lemonie has the most best answers

I sent you a private message with my answers in it.

 4. How to get a free yacht?
 6. Lemonie?

 Oh you mean I have to get 10 right to get a patch? Is that why you are not saying which one is correct?

Yes, 10 right or the ten people with the most right answers.

Ohhhh.... Do you want the answers in a PM, so everybody has to do the legwork equally?

That might be a good idea,  or you could post it here and I don't say whether it is right or not until the end of the give away (May 31).

Very interesting.  Some of the questions could not be answered using the new Google search!

Forum topics are a great source of information for this sort of trivia.

P.S. Let me know when you're close to having a full set of answers, and I'll re-post my comprehensive list with URLs (deleted below).

Yes, indeed, although some are categorized as Instructables.  What got me was that some which I *knew* existed weren't found by the new search, but were found (and in the top few hits!) by the old "graphical" search.

Deleted my answers post.  Kind of ruins the whole point if I leave them up, which I didn't think about until now.  I'll repost later, or PM ChrysN.

 3. Scoochmaroo?