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Instructables UK Weekend Meet up - Day One Answered

Present at the UK Meet up were -

No 2 Son

Various Projects Including - 
BBQ which then fed everyone present!
Laser Chessboard
Laser cut chess pieces
CNC Milled Chess Pieces
Metal Lathe Practice
CNC Emroidery
Laser Cut Toast Stencils

Please Find attached some sample pictures!


... The wimmenfolk stayed inside knitting whilst the menz did the metal grinding? Son...I am disappoint. (In ALL of you!) :-P


My girlfriend said exactly the same thing!

Maybe the "wimmenfolk" didn't want to do metal grinding... she was also pretty distraught that they stayed at the workshop while we went to see the steam engine, though.

However, none* of the attendees over the age of 18 had fights with cardboard armour, though, so I think in a sense we all lose :)

except maybe Jayefuu

WHAT Only the children had cardboard armor fights?! I am EVEN MORE disappoint what is this i dont even

I have to admit the cardboard armour and weapons made quite a few bruises

What, three years on and you still ache?

How must poor Jayfuu feel? I still remember him disappearing under a hail of blows from a crowd of younglings!

Take that dissapointment right back! I won at cardboard armor fighting. Though all my weapons/armour were made by child slaves (ie stolen from kiddies).

Rules 1 and 2, Lira, 1 and 2. You'll be telling me you are twelve years old in a minute...

1 and 2? Aren't those the rules that say I can't talk about /b/? >confused<

My theory is her lil' sis hijacked her account.

I got a bit of a battering, but had no cardboard myself... L

I save my cardboard weapons for playing with at home. That is why.

The last couple of "meets" have been at Maker Faires, in Newcastle, and then Derby.

Dunno. We might have another one at some point. GMJhowe organised a meet near him in the same year.

Oh, nice! Looks like a lot of fun.

Oh, it was.

All those projects, almost everybody came away with at least one new skill each.

Some of use came away with a severe longing for a laser cutter.

I told you - it had wheels, it would tow.

(All we'd have to do is distract Steve for long enough to clear a path through the workshop to the crane to lower it to ground level...)

We'd let you come along!

Hey, since you're awake, could you ask Lizzy if she's finished the patches?

They're still on the CNC sewing machine I think. Will ask her later when she comes in for our orchard planning meeting :D

An orchard? Where are you putting an orchard?

The conifers by the front fence are coming down as is some of the pussy willow by Oliver. Going to have a soft fruit cage in the patch at the corner of the building by the gate and apples, plums, greenguages along the strip by the front fence and one in place of the big tree behind the skip. Hoping I'll be allowed bees on the roof when we get a new roof.

We actually carried it in. J and I are looking at moving it upstairs next week - it comes into pieces apparently. Steve

I'll put tracking on it, like securicor have L

We could pull the laser tube out of the back, strap it to somebody's back, and they could use the beam-guides like a neutron accelerator...

That's why I said almost everybody. You were the source of many of our new skills. Our Yoda, if you like.

Do or do not, there is no try.

>looks at pictures< >runs away in abject terror<

Oh yes?

Are you honestly saying you wouldn't have gone if you could?


Merely that I would have brought my mace.

(It took me a while to realise the you meant the kind of mace that comes in cans. I had a confusing mental image at first...)

>chokes on snack<

I don't mean to be unkind, but that's...higher than I expected.


I can run the gammut from Barry Whiteto Bugs Bunny.

First Pandemonium, now this. It looked like fun. I wonder how many more gatherings you guys will have in the future.

It would be a coup of sorts to get DJ over here..


It'd be even harder to get ME over there....I have troubles (it seems) just getting outside my state...

Trouble with the law again Goodhart? the coppers got you on the ankle bracelet?

Nope, I just can't get my wife to go anywhere....and she doesn't want me to go alone.....

There was a well-represented WAG (wives and girlfriends) contingent this weekend, who managed to defy stereotypes by staying in doing crochet while the guys went to look at steam engines :P (ducks)