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Instructables and Eric on Revision3's Pop Siren Episode 3 - Jackhammer Headphones and LED Floaties Answered

Watch me build Jackhammer Headphones and LED Floaties, and talk about Living an Aesthetic Life on Revision3's PopSiren.

The Instructables segment starts at 16 minutes.


!!!!!!!!!! it would not loooaaaaddddddddddddd


dialup ? or is your media player acting funky?

not dialup, i have roadrunner and my comp is just being lame. the player is fine.

Where in the world do you get 10 cents LEDs!?!

Nice! I think my favorite part is the "Soldered, that's called soldering" part.

I had to listen to it a second time to catch that.....I wonder why ???

Somehow I don't think the presenter is as knowledgeable about the DIY movement as she is enthusiastic...


10 years ago

Is the the old host for from Attack of the Show?

yeah it is, i noticed that too

Great job! That's only the second time I've seen him in live action, and his voice still scares me (the first was a five second clip on AOTS).

It was you talking about your project at SXSW. Wasn't that long though...

Impressive lung capacity on that balloon, Eric...Was that pre-stretched?

Nope. Although it felt under-inflated to me at the time.

Good job! Congrats!

Awesome interview!

Hey, in those screenshots, you nearly saw my Viking Catapult - I'm sure I saw the right shade of purple at the bottomof the screen!


10 years ago

Cool! revision3 make my favorite podcasts! systm rulez , they always recommend Instructables as a best source for projects.

Very nice :-)