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Instructables and Squid Labs featured in Tech Closeup's April 2007 Show Answered

Tech Closeup interviewed me and took a tour of Instructables and Squid Labs for a segment on their April 2007 show. Check out the segment below to see our control tower and look for canida, dan, noahw, saul, TimAnderson, and Potenco's prototype generator.

Also, they mention that the lens molding technology was sold to a company in San Jose. This is an error: Another Squid Labs spin-off company is developing that technology and we will share details as soon as possible.



11 years ago

Wow, I wish I could go to Squid Labs. Everything that you guys do there looks so awesome! Hmmm... Alemeda CA you say? I think I live pretty close to there during the summer.


Reply 11 years ago

This could be fun. How old did you imagine I was, and now, how old do you think I am?

Well, whenever I think of PHD's I think of the big heads at mother Boeing and my Grandpa, who got his first in his 40's, I think. So I had in mind you were in your mid fifties. From the video I'm guessing you're in your early 30s but possibly younger. What's the truth?

You can't ask someone their age on the internet! That's cheating, illegal, or something like that!

Heh. Can't say I blame you. I'll just look it up myself. Okay, 31. FINAL ANSWER.

So we have 29, +/- 3.5%, which ought to be close enough for engineers.

An entirely suitable margin of error.

mid-late 20's? I know you're really Dr. Eric :P So That kinda helps find the minimum age range :P


Reply 11 years ago

;) The museum shots aren't me- I'm not sure what they're working on in that intro. Probably something from another segment.

Sweet! That control tower is amazing... I'd love to build stuff in one of those. ;) Great interview and awesome projects I never knew about! (sensor rope, lens molding, etc)

Awesome Interview! Really shows what's going on over @ Squid Labs, something you don't hear about much at all. I'd like to know what those kids helping Christy in the beginning were doing p.s. Love your rat Christy!

You are a heck of a lot younger than I thought, Eric!

Congrats Eric and crew! Awesome interview! Finally I know what you guys look like! -Brennn10

Pretty sweet film. Nice to have faces to put to you guys too! You too canida! I'd love to see more detail on that rope...