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Instructables android (ios) app - improvement ideas Answered

I'm making this topic in order to make people come forward with their ideas for improving the instructables android and ios app. So if you have any ideas for improving the app functionality, overall space requirements, app features or anything else please come forward.

As a start I would like to name a few features:
- I would really like a "clear cache" button and an option to cache to a SD card;
- I have no idea if this is done, immediate project updates between the app and online profile of the user that is logged in;
- immediate comment updates when someone comments on a project and all relevant project updates (e.g. when a project is featured), also definable by the user;
- a popup that comes up when you press back button on the main screen stating "press again to exit".

That is all from me now. I'll be back with more ideas (I think). Join and let's make the app much more user friendly and customizable.


This topic is better suited for the feedback section of the forum.

Ok. It doesn't matter where the topic is, I just want people to participate.

It does matter where it is at if you want people to participate. If it's in the wrong section the right kind of people are not going to see it.