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Instructables are officially cool! Answered

So in the last week I've had loads of comments from mates and stuff about my shirt, just stuff like 'aww sweet shirt is that a robot, where'd you get it' and I realised instructables is pretty cool, it's now in the running for coolest shirt I own, though my famous target t-shirt wins along with one of the ACDC I got recently (so what if i already had three different ones) but people are like 'wow robot' so I turn round and they take the address. hopefully they'll buy a few raising funds. ok woulda had a nice wee photo but my camera's being a tit.


Man, I'd wear an Instructables t-shirt nearly every day if I got (won) one. There should be an Instructables hat, that way I can add it to my collection of favorite hats (Universal Studios and Damn Yankees (My school play, which I am documenting)) .

haha, im mad jealous, If i had an instructables shirt it would be my favorite too, or second best to the misfits shirt my sister got me for my b-day in 4th grade lol

Burning questions, I've answered ones in the last two rounds an have all th patches etc. it's really cool though knowing that I got my shirt for doing something and not for money...

Oh yeah, hoping to get another from tool tips, this one was a tight fit to start with and is going to split soon, I ordered medium because I guessed from experience that american sizes are bigger usually, I picked up a heavy box yesterday and the stitching was groaning...