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Instructables card game Stop motion Answered

Hey guys! So yesterday my ibles card game arrived in the post. The next day, i was bored, not of the cards, but of life. I was bored, when suddenly a super cool random idea came into my head, and voila, this happened.


Erm... "Thanks for Wathing"?

Cool, though.

Don't be prejudithed againth people with a listhp.

How long did the take to ome threw once you had bought them?

Loved it! nice vid! Lol did ya see my card? I has the profile pic i made of a puppy! LOL! i wish my original one was on there though... whatev :P Have yo played the game with anyone yet? Also who has the best specs of anyone on the site?

Cool, but short (and kind of simple). You should make a game of Tetris or Space Invaders using this method.
I've seen somebody do the game Pole Position by doing this using sticky notes (I think...).