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Instructables ease of use pet peeves. Answered

To start before I begin my suggestions I wan't to say that I do love Instructables.com and I believe it is a FANTASTIC website. Also, perhaps there is a way to do what I suggest but I just don't know about it which is what I need help with.

Here are my concerns/complaints about the ease of use on Instructables.com:
  • There is no obvious way to do searches for contests. Sometimes I want' to show someone a previous contest that happened a year ago, but the only option I have is to scroll through 6 pages of contests. I wish there was a way to search for contests the same way I search for Instructables.
  • Why is there a badge that someone won a competition, but no way to figure out what competition they won? Why can't I click on the badges and have a popup box leading me to the competition that Instructable entered in?
  • Same goes for the featured badge. Who featured it? and when?
  • God forbid I be able to search through the forums, no? where is the search feature for forums?
  • When I view a person's profile, specifically their Instructables, why can't I see what Instructables of theirs got featured like I do when I view my Instructables from the authors editors profile?

Just small pet peeves that I have, anyway thank you for listening! :)


Hi, I assume they are not saying who featured an instructable, since it would probably lead to that person being bugged by other people to feature their stuff, too.

And you can see whether an instructable is featured or not. Underneath the title you can see a small grey star on the left should it be featured. Though I totally agree, that you have to know that and I doubt that a first time visitor would know, what this star means.

They said, that they would bring back the forum search and I agree, that a contest search would be helpful.

Oh, didn't see that grey star, thanks for pointing it out. And I agree on the featured part, but the contest search and the trophy button popup would be nice

Looks like you got the multiple posting bug or you hit the post button several times before the system reacted. They did use to have a banner on the ible that indicated it was a finalist or winner and did link you back to that contest. They also awarded the badges for participation in the various contests but it seemed inconsistent as it may have been hard to administer.

That's good feedback.

Yeah haha, It'd be awesome if the instructable shamons actually did something about my suggestions :)