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Instructables for iPhone Answered

Don't you hate it, when you've finished building something outside and you've forgotten your camera? Can't wait to publish an instructable when you're out and about, and have no access to a computer?

Both of these have happened to me, and I had a good idea. I propose an iPhone app for instructables.

This app would be better than browsing on your internet browser on the iPhone because it would be made for the iPhone screen rather than for a 16:9 monitor. I think that it should have at least the following features:

 * Offline Instructable Editor
 * Instructable uploader
 * Online instructable browser
 * User page, in which you can check comments and edit your profile etc.
 * Onboard instructable saver - instead of having to go online and browse the site to find the instructable again, the app could have, for example, 2MB of allocated memory in which to save one or more simple pdf files or similar of instructables, which may be viewed at any time, even when the internet connection is faulty.

I truly believe that this has potential, and I just hope that the admins see this. I don't have the means, funds or time to make this app but hopefully somebody does.  Feel free to post any more ideas, as this would be a community app and I'd like it to be suitable for as many people as possible. 


I don't know much about mobile devices, but aren't non-mac products easier to develop for? I mean, other products have less proprietary hoops to jump through, correct? I remember looking into developing a mobile app a few years back and ended up choosing BB because of the resources available; and the fact that it was Java. I'd asked about this a while ago and user ANDY had this to say:

I realize Mac has grown since; but have they loosened the chains for developers?

At any rate, this is an excellent idea for those of us who live or venture to BFE on a daily.

i think this should happen or the existent one should get a major update because it is not currently good because of many reasons some of which are ones you said and another would be the lack of search in the current app

Perhaps you should be giving feedback to the producers of that App, who are not affiliated with Instructables.

Agreed - I hope somebody who can make apps sees this.

If you don't like the App which already exists, why don't you write your own? You've already done the requirements and specifications document, so get to work!

You might also want to read some of the discussions.

I have neither the skill, time or the resources to do that, however if somebody could I'd appreciate it.