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Instructables forms a partnership with IKEA Hacker Answered

Instructables is very pleased to announce that we've formed a partnership with IKEA Hacker. Jules, who runs IKEA Hacker, is a new member of the site, and I expect we'll see great things of her and the IKEA Hacker community.

This is a great chance for Instructables users to gain even more exposure, and for IKEA Hackers everywhere to show the world how they do things. (IKEA-esque stick figure drawing encouraged, but by no means required.) Every Instructable added to the IKEA Hacks group will be syndicated to IKEA Hacker.

Please extend the IKEA Hacker folks a warm welcome to the site.



11 years ago

For those that dont live near Ikea, have a look on Ebay as there are a couple of users that are dedicated to taking yours orders and then collecting and shipping the goods to you. Of course you will be paying a little more than if you can go there by yourself.

I cant' wait to try some of that stuff on their page out. IKEA is great for the Instructables crowd. Great "starting points" at affordable prices is a recipe for some really creative output! My roommate just upgraded his Lack coffee table by addign a Bob Marley poster and some plexiglass on top. Sadly, he had a bottle of wine first, and as a result it's not worthy of posting the project here. Sooner or later I will majke the cross town trek to IKEA and do the same thing, but better looking....and of course posted here!

I wish there were an IKEA in my area :P

Welcome! Get on over here!