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Instructables in Chinese, German, Japanese, Portuguese, and Spanish! Answered

Here's some exciting news. Instructables is now available in five new languages!: Chinese, German, Japanese, Portuguese, and Spanish!

These aren't linked anywhere from the English version of the site, and there are errors and bugs, but we're ready for you to start checking it out and helping us make it better.

Currently, you can only author Instructables in languages other than English (or at least marked as Spanish, Portuguese, etc..) from the iOS mobile app and the new editor. The Android app will follow soon and the new editor will shortly become the default editor.

For those of you who are multi-lingual, would you please translate your existing Instructables, and share it with your friends who don't speak English?

Instructables' mission of helping you share what you make and find inspiration from others is clearly not limited by language. I'm proud that we're now more inclusive.

Let us know what you think, and please report bugs in the bugs forum category.


Maybe you can add a switch button in instructable page, just like choosing youtube subtitle language. So when I start a new instructable, can write in both Chinese and English myself, people can choose which language to read.


4 years ago

On the Chinese version some UI elements seem to be machine translated.

This is great ,but can I get access to the other languages too? I'll just use a translator if I have to. I would hate to miss out on the cool stuff people who don't speak english post.

will the comments section be able to handle the differing languages? If I author something and it is translated away from English, and a german/ spanish speaker replies - what will help me understand his/her comments?

For the time being, you'll have to use something Google Translate to understand comments in a different language. We're investigating making this easy (through one click or automatically based on your preferred language. I know this isn't ideal, but we have to start somewhere!

"I'm proud that we're now more inclusive." So am I. This is one of the most exciting things we have done. Terribly important. I very much hope that, at the same time, folks translate Instructables from other languages to English. What we all can learn is immeasurable. This is one of the best positive things I have heard in a long time. Thank you.  You have made my day.  (week?)  (year)?  : )

Please add Italian!

Yes please! Instructables would become much more popular in Italy if the site was in Italian too...many people don't know English so they don't publish their projects here. I bet there are many more people who would do that in Italian though.

I noticed one of my instrucables in my drafts was translated into 5 different languages. I went ahead and published them. Only one of the languages gave an error message. This is a great!

More like this is coming! We'll let you know ahead of time, though. Sorry about not doing so this round, we have lots of moving parts and are still figuring out our processes.

Shame on me..I don´t have an IOS Gadget. =(

Instructables en Español.... Hoooray !!!!


4 years ago

I really like the idea of multi-lingual support as an active member from Germany. Logically there are few 'ibles available in German yet but unfortunately the updated German iOS app is only showing those few. Is there a way to display all 'ibles in all languages inside the app or is there no chance caused by geolocation...?

In the iOS app, from your home screen, hit Settings-->Instructables-->Languages and you can select which languages' content you will see. Citizens Of The World can select all six.

Great, thanks!
Should've checked that one myself :D

Question: Will these foreign language instructables be eligible for entry in contests? If so, how will the judging work or does it have to go through the UN Council? I am guessing you would have the same system in place for featuring foreign language ibles?

Eric wrote,

These aren't linked anywhere from the English version of the site, and there are errors and bugs, but we're ready for you to start checking it out and helping us make it better.

Last week, there were a bunch pairs of English and German I'bles that came out, and I'm also seeing more Spanish ones than usual. Is this because the bilingual creators are building and posting both versions on the main site, with no way to shift them over afterward?

Are there plans in the future to be able to select a language with a pull-down tab from the I'bles browsing pages?

Yes, those English and German ones appeared in the wrong spot due to a bug.

We haven't yet solidified on how the UI will work between languages, so I'm not certain if we'll have a pull-down or something else. However, the intention is to make it so that you can easily browse in a single language.

Is there anything in the works for Arabic? Or are all of those topics that pop up mainly on the weekend SPAM and not instructables?

They need to create a spam filter based on link to paragraph ratio. Like my housing community has a tattoo to tooth ratio policy

So far, every one of the Arabic forum postings (like the Dutch ones a while back) have been SPAM, and the Community Team has been flagging them as such.

Question: If I created an instructable in one of these other languages, they would not show up in the English version or the regular site I normally use? The same instructable has to be recreated in both languages if you wanted to reach the current audience?

Yes, that is correct. We view Cómo hacer plastilina (Play-doh)  and How to Make Playdough (Play-doh as separate Instructables that can each have their own life. This is a natural extension of my view that there are multiple right ways to do something, and that we want to have all of them shared on Instructables. Said another way, we embrace Instructables that cover the same topic by different authors, and so we also embrace Instructables that cover the same topic by the same author in different languages. Sometimes, a direct, literal translation might not be the best way to tell a story.

With that in mind, we're working on tools to help authors quickly create in multiple languages (stuff like copying all the images across to a new Instructable). We'll also soon have links between the translations so someone who finds an Instructable that has been translated to Spanish can quickly get to the English version.

Great question! I want to know too. I love this new feature! Share the love!