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Instructables in SmartComputing Answered

Instructables got a nice write-up in SmartComputing here:

Plugged In
January 2008 Vol.19 Issue 1
Page(s) 46-48 in print issue

DIY Web Sites
Think It, Learn It, Do It

Instructables are step-by-step instructions that are accompanied by pictures and sometimes even video on anything and everything, from how to trigger green traffic lights to how to clean your sinuses to how to make a crossbow out of a pencil. This site is definitely all about having a good -- and sometimes mischievous -- time with all sorts of fun ideas. DIY projects from other sites can also be found here on occasion.

Some of the most interesting categories are Art, Life, Offbeat, and Ride, although that by no means is the complete list. The Offbeat section is aptly named, so consider this fair warning: Some of the content there definitely meanders off the usual path.

Members submit their ideas with visual aids and step-by-step instructions, and others can comment on their creations, ask questions, or make suggestions for improvements. It is free to sign up for an account; in addition to the aforementioned privileges, members can print instructions, post a question on the forum, message other members privately, and receive the weekly newsletter.

Instructables also features contests, such as Launch It!, wherein contestants offer their best projectile creation. There is a new contest theme every so often, sometimes reflecting the current holiday season. Contests such as these bring out some of the wildest, most interesting designs you can find on the site.

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any classes that teach computer usage without switching to a brand new language


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Well done. :-)