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Instructables is degrading... Answered

I've been inactive for an insanely long time (was busy at anythingbutipod.com forums instead) and decided to come and check back. It seems to me like ibles has fallen almost as low as youtube, what with multitudes of hateful commenters and general negative feedback when people post their opinion. When I left, everyone was so nice! What happened to the be nice policy?


 Thats news to me, the amount of hurtful commenters has not changed. If anything I would say they are less.

However, the more popular the site becomes the more 'bad eggs' we will get,

Perhaps it might be a good idea to point out some of the problem areas?

It seems to be that it occurs when someone makes a nice comment. Like, someone posts an instructable about <x indie hobby>
Someone replies with "wow, I didn't know anyone else liked <x>"
Then someone replies to them with "<x> is so stupid. I can't believe dummies like you think your so cool, when the real cool thing is <y>"
See? Just like youtube.

On the other hand, it could just be that the places I've been for the last few months are just devoid of skeptics. So I've become a softie.

I would be interested to see some specific examples of the "flaming".  Are you mistaking some of the immaturity for the constructive criticism that is sometimes lobbed?   Some of that may be deserved if they are beating down a copycat but it may be a new member not aquainted with the etiquette of the site yet and thinks that is the way to be accepted or known.  There are a few who do participate in the forums that have "repented" but hey, you can learn how to grow up in Instructables too.



If you are aware of problems, then flag them, or alert on of the admins.  If you'd rather be less heavy-handed, ask one of the Volunteers for help, or anybody who contributed to this project.

You'd have to ask noahw, since he featured it, but I'm guessing because it covers what you need to know to soundproof your studio, even if it's a different shape or size to the author's own project, and is quite well written?

It's not a good how-to, and it's a straight-copy from somewhere else, strikes me money may be involved?


I missed the lifting.  Possibly a small sponsorship deal?

As I said, best ask noahw.

Sponsorship deal I think. My initial thoughts were "who the hell featured this?", look at what it is and you get "cash-for-exposure".


Where have you been looking?