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Instructables just to promote other websites? Answered

I noticed that the amount of so called "video only" Instructables has reached annoying numbers.
Might be alone with my opinion but when I check some of those Ibles just containing a single line of text and a video I fail to see the point.
Further checking usually shows the video is advertised on many other sites in a similar way.
Only goal is to get as much hits on Youtube and such, making money.

IMHO Instructables is about making things but not about dumping single video files.
If that is a goal for this website than at least these Instructables should be moved out of the normal area and into a video only section.
And if someone simply posts videos only to promote his channel than it should be considered to remove those Instructables as I consider them advertising but not a real Instructable.

What do you guys think?


As described, that's spam.

You can flag it as such, and wait for staff to check it out, or PM a message to a member of the Community Team (*cough*) to get it dealt with [slightly] more quickly (if they're online).

If a video is not adding any value or not providing any information to user, it should be regarded as spam. Mark it as spam, whenever you see one.

You know it would not be so bad if there was a better way to search for instructables. I mean if there was a way to tell at a glance, how many steps an 'ible has, how long ago it was upped, how many views, how well liked, and to use those stats to narrow the search.

Even better would be stat giving a numerical value to the proportion of misspelled words and bad grammar, but now I'm just fantasizing, and maybe getting dangerously close to the boundaries of the "be nice" policy.


In summary, the 'ibles consisting of just a stub with a link into a Youtube video, or worse a stub with a broken link to a Youtube video, those 'ibles do truly suck!

But what can any of us do about those sucky, stubby 'ibles?

I think the best solution would be simply to not look at them, provided there was a way to keep them out of my search results, although at present, I don't think there is a way to do that, because the present "let's make" search is not very smart.

Does this search have any, what they call, "advanced features"? I don't see any buttons for that.

Could not agree more!
For a website like this the search functions are just a bad joke.
Things I would consider a standard these days would be:
A working way to use keywords in the search so I don't have to ask Google all the time.
Searching for newly posted Ibles, of course sorted by sections.
If you search for specific Ibles you should get an option for the sorting, like by being featured, number of views, updates, contest winners....

But I guess if even Ibles with more spelling mistakes than correct words get featured the standards are getting low here ;)
We could also add a user rating system for Ibles.
If the rating only shows negative than staff could consider to take it down so the user can create something better.
Who knows, maybe one day we will at least be able to sort our forum topics properly by date and time - we are waiting for this for how many years now? ;)

Jack, DU35mm,

Those sound like valid comments & concerns, but as you know this section is trod less often by those with the power to affect change.

I would start a "feedback" forum, or send an email to service@instructables.com.

This has been discussed a lot in the forums, as you probably know...

I posted a similar forum topic about it a few weeks about it too.

yep its annoying that the standard has gone down, Intructables used to reject poorly written instructables, and send you a message on how to improve your work so you get published. Back in 2008 when I first discovered this site, every instructable was well written and worth looking at.

That was/is fascinating, I'm indebted to you.. -.-. . -. --.

I agree, video only Instructables with next to no text add very little to the quality of the content found here. I consider it nothing more than spam.

I don't give video only I'bles the time of day, it was my understanding that videos should only compliment the written documentation, not attempt to replace it.

I like a nicely produced video showing off the finished item, but that's about it.


1 year ago

How is money made through Youtube ?

For example like this:


Comes down to views, placing ads and linking stuff.
So posting only a video with a single line or maybe two of text is IMHO nothing but an ad for the person's Youtube channel and videos.
Then take into account the same content appears on several websites that more or less related to the topic and in a short time you get a few thausand views.
With proper link and ad placement and a good bunch of videos you can make quite a few bucks like this.
In a lot of cases here you will also notice that the author never or only sporadically is present to answer or reply to comments.
Usually it happens around the same time when new videos are added.
We have a lot of good people here putting a lot of work into their Instructables without the solo intention of promoting other sites through it.

Scary, spam would have to be desperate to try to sucker iblers or really love it, I don't usually look at videos..

Putting all that effort into good stocks will in coming years earn way more the videos each quarter (4 times a year) and no posting needed..

Besides my videos are poor quality, used just to make a science point. I think under 300 views is my highest and only because Youtube lets me edit a shaky iPhone..

Thanks for the URLs..