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Instructables needs an "I Made One" button Answered

Everything that instructables seems to be about is sharing your instructions for how to make something or do something so that others can make it or do it too. But it seems like right now the second half is missing.

When you make something that someone posted a project of, you have no way of telling the author and the 'ibles community that you made one other than posting a picture in the comments. Those of you familiar with Thingiverse know that one of the most popular features is the "I Made One" button. On a "thing" you just press that button and you can post a picture of the one you made. Everyone's derivatives of this "thing" shows up on that thing's page as well as on a running stream of derivatives.

I think that if this feature were to be implemented in Instructables then it would increase community participation by a lot. Authors could see who was making their stuff, who was succeeding, and who was failing. And also everyone would be able to see all the different ways of making it that are creative and different.

This would also give yet another reason to become a member because then people who are just making things and not posting things would have something to do with an account.

This could even be folded into the Pro membership by giving Pro members higher billing on the list of people who have made it.

All in all I think this would be a really great thing for Instructables to have. The stream of made things on Thingiverse is located here: http://www.thingiverse.com/made-things . And here is an example thing that a lot of people have made: http://www.thingiverse.com/thing:1046 (its under Other People's Copies)


It has been suggested before, but personally I don't see much value in it. Post a picture on the topic.
Do you ever look at groups?


I think beak has a point though L... I would love to see a running total of how many people had had a go of making something of mine....

Yes, but you'd only get the subset of people who got around to doing it, within the subset of people who knew and were members, out of everyone who did make something.
It might be good, but I doubt the new feature would get a lot of good use.
E.g. groups, useful sometimes but mostly under-used or junk (by the numbers).


I agree with lemonie. I used, copy, and be inspired for several instructables long before I become member and could use that function.

But I also would desire the running count Bigsy say...

May the counter be viewed only by the autor of the instructable? In this case, everyone may push the button, but the missuse of the function will be like cheating in solitaire.

You even can have a reset button on this counter if you think someone jokes you pushing the button once and again.

Thanks for your time!

It makes me seem a bit K'NEXery, but I agree.

Or at least just to know that somebody had successfully followed my instructions.

So go throw a banana at the tame code-monkeys talk to the dev team, tell them you've added something to their to-do list.

We are having a banana bread bake-off next week. Maybe I can bribe them with banana bread.

Hmm, it would be nice to have a "button" as long as it didn't get "abused" for something (i.e. look at ALL THE THINGS I MADE, even if not made, etc.). Now, if there was a way to display say, a thumbnail photo or something that demonstrated that it was actually made......but then again, maybe I am being too paranoid?

Ya thats the idea. There would be a picture along with it. Thats how it works on Thingiverse. And if you don't have a picture of your copy then it just uses the default "thing" picture, or in this case the default picture for that instructable.

But then, using the default picture, falls back into the same problem. Someone "could" abuse the function if they wanted to.

Of course, I'd hate to exclude anyone without a camera, cam, or scanner.... 

It's backed by Kiteman... who elses say so do they need? :o ;)

(Beats ego back with a sick)

I like the idea and am sure someone can find a way to make it so there are no abuse.


7 years ago

Has this been mentioned to the development team yet?

Several times over the past months.

Awesome! I'm glad this idea is getting some recognition.