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Instructables on ABC's Ahead of the Curve Wednesday Dec. 3 Answered

I'll be doing an interview on ABC's Ahead of the Curve, which will air tomorrow (Wednesday Dec. 3) at 5:05 PM ET on ABC News Now. More details after I actually do the interview! Afterwards, it will be posted online.

Update: Just finished. We talked about The Best of Instructables, BlinkyBugs, MobMov, Marshmallow Shooters, Bleaching with Discharge Paste, and How to Get a Free Yacht.

You can watch the ABC interview here.

They will be running clips from this video:

The Best of Instructables: Volume 1 (Full Length) from Instructables on Vimeo.
More news and press about Instructables here.


Woot woot...I want to meet him ;0) lol

Awesome! more publicity for Instructables and Eric!

Just finished the interview!

Here's ABC's video. It's not on their "Ahead of the Curve" Web page yet, but I got it through their search.

For he's a jolly good fell-el-loooooooow....

Um, the forth line should be: That nobody can deny. :-)

I guess the video will show up on ABC's Web site after it airs? Is this going to be a segment on their regular news (World News Tonight) this evening? If so, it's on at 5:30 pm PST in Sacramento and the Bay Area.

Literally, every detail I know about when it will air is in this post. I don't have a TV, so I'm hopeful someone will be able to record and share it with me!

Huh? I like NPR, and also Public TV ( which is WITF, locally)

Hah! What is it with techies in the Bay Area? We've got three different sets of friends, and another couple who just moved to Portland (Intel), all without TV! They do have the big flatscreens in the living room, but those are for DVDs and XBox :-/

It looks like ABC puts up the segment videos on the Web page I referenced, so it should be there for you by dinner time.

Thanks for the update above; I just searched Comcast for San Mateo, and it appears that ABC World News Now is aired for the insomniacs; 2:06 am tomorrow (Thurs 4 Dec) will probably have your interview.

TiVo for Eric, anyone?

Can't watch it now, tech computers in a media class don't have a late enough version of flash!

Still it'd interesting, even if that show never airs here...

Very nice. I missed it on TV obviously (during my work hours) but saw Kelseymh's link to the video, and just watched it.


9 years ago

:O Huzzah for Ibles' Expansion!

First the net, then TV...

watch out for the evil white spots... I GOT ID!

Is this burst of media coverage something new? Is it coming from the book publication? Or do you just have a really good PR staff? Whatever it is, congratulations!

It's just Eric's next step in his plan to take over the world

Argh ! I hate my shift. I go to work at around 4:30 ET

I'll watch out for it! When's the interview?

someone youtube it for me :D

Woot woot... I can point at the TV and say, I MET HIM!!!