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Instructables on screen for a photo on a BBC article Answered



Dang, I read that article and didn't even look at the photo (I mentally wrote it off as "stock image") Anybody recognise the 'ible? Is that your hand??

Dang - same here! :-D Hmm... couldn't find any other occurrences of that image. I was hoping I might find a larger version in another article somewhere, but no luck. Here's a closeup, for those of you who may want to try figure out what the instructable is:


Looks like it's an instructable with 13 steps - there can't be that many of those around.


(sorry, it had to be done)

(If you check the image's properties, it is a stock image, entitled "Internet Cafe", so it's been around the BBC a while).

This just goes to show how small our world has become. Even 10 years ago, I would not even have thought of any problem for me with a cable that far away. Makes you realize how vulnerable our current lifestyle is.

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I noticed this, too! Pretty cool, lol.