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Instructables on shopify Answered

Good evening, 

I've recently been trying to purchase something on the instructables shopity store. If in understand the way this website works is that each shop adds clients to their customers list so that they can browse your products. 

My question is : Is there a link I missed?  What can I do to see products online?  

I'm very confused about how this website deals with customers when the point is to sell products to the great audience of the internet..

I would appreciate a simple answer with instructions on how to access the instructables store.

Thank you ! 


This is the most hilarious forum ever! Sorry, but if you look on the homepage or at the top, it says clearly 'share what you make'.

This is not a selling site as Kiteman said, but there is a Instructable store where you can buy instructable merchandise although that has not been working for a while now.

I know!!! i saw the "techshop" button litterally seconds after posting my question.

I didn't know that the shop wasn't working, that's probably why I got so fustraded looking around the internet since I didn't find the news on the website being down.

Do you know when it will be back up? I'm not in a hurry, its just that it seems so useful to have an online store.

Anyway, thanks for the heads up and for answering so quickly!

The shop will not be coming back and at the end it only had Instructables t-shirts anyway.

This is a making site, not a selling site. There was a store selling t-shirts, but it has not operated for quite some time.

If you see a project you would like to buy, you need to approach the author directly.

Alright thanks! I thought the website was some kind of selling website generater.

Oh, my, not at all!

Have a browse around, we have 100,000+ original projects, almost all submitted by ordinary folk with a desire to make stuff, and then share how they made it. A handful are submitted by professional Makers, or by companies explaining how to use their products.

Some projects can be bought, but directly from the author, with no support or endorsement by the site (check author profiles - more than one member has an Etsy shop).

Thanks Kiteman! I'll definetly take a look when i have the time!