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Instructables penetrates the general conciousness via ebay Answered

OK, I was bored. Remembering Trebuchet's artwork, I wondered if anybody was selling the products of their ibling. I also wondered if anybody was having another go at selling plans from this site (somebody tried to claim the plans for this project as their own).

Guess what?

There's one seller marketing via Instructables (they've posted the instructions for their product as a project here), but several others are selling things and mentioning Instructables in an offhand way ("I bought .... to do a project I found at ... but I never got round to it").

I wonder, dear reader, did you find this site via ebay?

Have you sold your own projects after publishing them?

Or have you even bought an ible?


. I've bought something off ebay only once. Nothing against ebay, I just prefer to buy parts for my Mustang* from places where I can get good advice. Some of the businesses I buy from have stores on ebay, but I prefer to use the telephone.
. Never sold anything, but I have a merchant acct (set up so i could accept payments for my defunct computer service business) that I never use.
. Don't guess I ever bought an iBle, but I have bought stuff from two iBlers. You, of course, and I bought some pictures from W'burg.

  • Started life as a 1967 6-cyl with 3-speed manual xmission. After 40 years, it now has '68 front fenders, early-70's V-8, 4-speed, &c , &c, &c. It's usually worth the extra money to talk to someone that knows about restoring bastardized Mustangs.

...1967... '68 ... 70's ...

Isn't there a song about a man who stole a car from the factory, one piece at a time?

. Johnny Cash - One Piece At A Time:

how would you steal an engine block!?! 0.o

And muscles not to contend with :-)

Actually, if the motor plant was anything like the factories I've worked in, on a night-shift, the only reason they'd stop you driving off with an engine in a truck is if they were planning to pinch it themselves.

Today, they run you through metal detectors and such so you don't walk off with a resistor or whatever (in the bigger plants, and many Dept. stores here).

The same way you put a firetruck at the top of MIT......

Fenders, quarter panels, exhaust systems....you'd be hard pressed unless you resembled a car LOL

Great vid (HeeHaw meets the Monkeys.) Wonder if Johnny was ever credited with the term "Psychobilly" (which would surface years later as a new genre...)

Nope, nope, and nope. However, if I ever manage to make something cool, I'm by no means object to selling it... I'm tinkering with the idea of selling leather items and accessories.