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Instructables pong help? Answered

I have been thinking about this for a long time: An insctructables version of pong. 

I would like some help with it possible positions include:

-Someone to download a bunch of famous instructablers profiles (Like lemonine and fungus amungus and kiteman (probably spelled all of their names wrong))

-A Java programmer to help me make an android and/or iphone/ipad app out of it.

-A couple python programmers because the main language im going to do it in is python.

-Possibly graphic designers.

If you have any interest leave a comment or send me a message or an owl or a pigeon or use your preferred method of communication.


Why do you need profiles for Pong?

It's just moving squares and rectangles...

Or do you mean you plan to replace the paddles (or ball?) with avatars? That would be interesting.

Anyhoo, if you want a bunch of data mined from the site, PM Jayefuu or Lithium Rain, as they are the resident code-monkeys.

The only problem is i do not know java, ill probably borrow someones pong source code.

That's why I gave you the link - it has a link to its own code.

Ill find someone on pygame and see if they have one too and get some inspiration and ideas.

You have it exactly, paddle avatars, and they will say funny things that they would usually say about things.

You can choose who you want to be and certain charecters will say certain things to each other in text bubbles.

Alright i will ask them.

You write, "A couple python programmers because the main language im going to do it in is python." That's a rather amusing use of "I'm", considering how little work you are apparently going to do.

- You're not going to download anything yourself.
- You're not going to write Java code.
- You're not going to write Python code.
- You're not going to design anything.

I'm rather confused by your premise. Pong is a video game with two movable straight lines for "paddles" and a (large) pixel which moves across the screen for a "ball." What exactly would Instructables profiles be used for in such a game?