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Instructables projects now include PDFs, people Answered

Look to the last step of your projects--you can download a PDF version. I've been wanting this for a long time... Yaaa!


This feature is excellent, and much better for printing than the ALLSTEPS Web page version. Thanks for implementing it! I do have two issues I've noticed.

1) The images are included in whatever natural size the author uploaded. As someone else suggested, would it be possible to support "configuring" the layout, to ask for specifically sized images (nothing new, just the same options we see on an "Image Info" page)?

2) Some users are attaching PDF files internally to their steps (see, for example the LED lightbulbs Step 4. Currently, that shows up as a "link" with a PDF icon on the generated output. Would it be possible for the backend generator to expand and embed (perhaps optionally, see (1) above) the contents of attached PDF files, as separate pages?

Also, I'm now moving this to the feedback section, because it's changed from an announcement to helpful feedback.

I'm glad you like it!

It's a very handy thing to have. Now I can mail a project or two to older relatives who don't "do the web."

I really like the way image notes are handled...

Still, allow me to critique a little:

-- The comments in the PDFs seem limited to 50.

-- Photos are duplicated at the page breaks pretty often, giving you two-for-one.

-- Photos in the comment stream have a clickable URL with a local path (which doesn't correspond to anything local.) Something like:

-- File attachments don't link to anything....perhaps they should link back to the original 'ible, just like the video links.

-- And last, photos are very low resolution....this is perhaps good, as it may lessen unauthorized use (any use not covered by the chosen license.)

I know most of these are easily corrected, just tweaking the code a bit...

Great feedback. We'll get those into the queue to fix.

Yeah, I notice that too, I thought it was a strange step, until I realized it was a PDF to download! :-)

Don't even think of using it as a way of avoiding buying a copy of The Book!

There's stuff in there that's not on here...

They're really nice and streamlined now! Yay! I'm happy all of the comments and such were left in. :)

You get a pageview anyway so it wont affect them but it could be implementable, to give an idea of the hit rates between readers, I like checking the video views on videos in my 'ibles to compare, it gives an idea of how many people read the description and left and how many continued to the end of things...