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Instructables transmogrified Answered

Instructables spelled: I - N - S - T - R - U - C - T - A - B - L - E - S transmogrifies to: Bus Scent Lair Think you can do better?


Tribunal sects Subtracts Line Caliber Stunts Blaster Tunics Resistant Club

Turtles' cabins.

I was trying to do something with scabies, but NTRUTL doesn't really make a word.

Normally I strugle with things like this, but how about: Trust in cables ?

considering how much of the internet is carried on cable lines....I thought it was very apropos

I - N - S - T - R - U - C - T - A - B - L - E - S transmogrifies to: Randy Tu Much Time On Hands

No it doesn't! Wait, T ... R ... ha! There's no Y in Instructables!
No 'why', get it?

Sorry, that barely registered on the Goodhart pun-o-meter...

I must go study at the feet of the master.

It's not de feet if you gave it a good shot... Just try again.

Tis ok, I found it humorous :-)

I hope you weren't trying to capture that eau de parfum from the 42nd Street Port Authority Bus Terminal.

unstrict sable

Brains Cutlets Brutal Insects Antics Bluster


A crust lit bens. Lubricants set. Tables in cruts.

Blan crusties. Lit brats' clues.