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Instructables... A TV show? Answered

Yes, yes I know there was/is the Ibles TV streaming vids but...
What if we have a proper Instructables TV show?
In each episode the cast (who don't behave like a bunch of bumbling, mumbling, caffeinated baboons) can demonstrate how to do a few of the more popular ibles, and give some tips on DIY and whatnot.
Authors of the ibles used on the show could get paid a small commision...
*has vision of Kiteman rolling in a big pile greenbacks wearing bling-bling*...
Or perhaps not.
But I think it would be a good idea, it would increase traffic on the site, get more ibles submitted, and on the whole increase the popularity of Instructables. PBS or Discovery might take it up (I prefer PBS personally)...


Let's call it "Hack The Planet" j/k I say let's bug PBS to have a look at the instructables show format. We need producers, show planners, a show format that is simple enough for the boobus toobus worshipers to understand but technical enough to actualy be useful. Think Call for help with Leo Leporte on ZDTV.

. Strike the "(who don't behave like a bunch of bumbling, mumbling, caffeinated baboons)" part and I'm with ya. I don't think you'll find any ppl amongst all of Ibles users and staff that don't meet the criteria. You'd have to go outside the group to get hosts. Besides, if it works for Jamie and Adam, it ought to be good enough for IblesTV. . It does sound like a great idea. Not sure Ibles has the resources to pull it off, but they do some pretty amazing things on a regular basis, maybe they can do this. . It would be neat to see some of the users make guest appearances.

Yah, we can see Kiteman in all his bling-bling ROFLOL. I was attempting to separate us from Mythbusters by, of course, having calm and collected hosts, but yah I guess it doesn't matter. Also being on PBS would be a better idea than Discovery in my opinion, it won't look as much like a cheap knock-off and PBS has an entire channel dubbed "Create" for DIY and how-to's. It might even get the 8pm slot after Nova...

I think Ible-vision would be a good idea. Anybody seen Brainiac? Geeky DIY is cool.

Maybe, and this is a serious suggestion, Eric could contact the Brainiac producers and arrange an Instructables "slot" within the full programme?

I never did hear back from the Dangerman people (yes, I really did apply), so I'm at a loose end for most of the Summer...

Brainiac? You mean the show where they put a bomb in a bathtub and claimed it was rubidium and cesium? You're a chemistry teacher-you should know better!

I've never actually seen the show, just clips on YouTube, but it seems to be similar to Mythbusters-great idea for a show, but they try too hard to make it interesting. Mythbusters doesn't really need to blow something up in every test.

Did you ever see Bill Nye the Science Guy? Now that's a great science show.

I credit Bill Nye with sparking my interest in science and technology. I hope NASA picks him for the astronaut corps! Rough Science (BBC) was another good show.

Yes, Brainiac is the one caught faking it, but they seem to have behaved recently.

It's just the nearest thing to a mass audience science show we have - Mythbusters is on satellite, on at unpredictable times.

Rough Science - now, I'd completely forgotten about that, and I shouldn't have. It's actually done through the Open University, and is an extremely good programme. Even though is it very much a Maker programme, since they make all their kit from whatever junk is lying around, it is also a very brief run, only three or four episodes a year. Plus, it is really a marketting vehicle for the OU, so I don't think they'd want a visible Instructables presence in it - unless one of the staff got hired as a Rough Scientist...?

OK, now that's given me an idea. I don't think Instructables TV could really compete with stuff like Braniac or Mythbusters- Brainiac has Hammond, we're doomed, and Mythbusters is very entertaining and has a good reputation.

I would personally like to see a kind of Rough Science meets Scrapheap Challenge (aka junkyard wars) meets the one where they only had £10 to make what they were challenged. Rough Science has great edumacational content but is fairly slow-paced, Scrapheap Challenge is a lot more fun to watch but the science is pretty watered down, and the £10 one had an emphasis on household materials and more preparation time to polish the article but tended towards fairly bland challenges.

Ideally, I guess, the stuff built on InstrucTV would be useful, rather than just good for competing with; it would be made from "household" objects (maybe stretching to DIY supplies but nothing exotic), perhaps with a budget; it would ideally be good for demonstrating some kind of principle but not slavishly adhere to demonstrating a chapter from a physics book.

Most importantly InstrucTV really, really, really shouldn't take itself too seriously.

Hey that's a cool show, did it ever get airtime?

I was simply mentioning a good show. I thought each season had 6-7 episodes if not mistaken? There were 6 seasons I believe (PBS quite airing it : ' ( )

Ehh... is Braniac a BBC production? I'd like it to be something I could watch too!

I would also like the humor to actually be funny


I like the idea...maybe the current stuff ought to get more popular first, though.

I love it, this would be excellent, it would actually be very simple for members to send in their own footage, since we already have a file sharing system in place...

I thought the TV staff would select projects, clear it with the author, then make it new and film it, with minimal use of the original pictures etc... I could just see my family gathered around the TV set then my face pops on screen for "How To Pop A Pimple" *shudders*

lol I like this idea a lot it seems like a great thing to add to the site, maybe embedded in the newsletter...

I have thought of this before. But there's a good idea: that if an instructable is properly documented, the author can have the chance to make a segment about it.


10 years ago

kinda like how indy mogul does their "backyard FX" things but have like "Instructables DIY Time" kinda thing, that would be sweet

I believe MAKE is going to have a TV show next year. (I forget that channel or date, possibly January 09) But, Instructables might be able to do something similar.

Yup - they were auditioning for presenters at the Maker Faire! I was planning to bug Tim and Star to apply - I think they have the kind of enthusiasm and kookiness that would go over really well for something like this, I think. But then I ran out of time, and I didn't see them again at the Faire...

Argh, I've been billed as the kooky presenter for too many things, 'cept I live in this little corner of the world, literally an island, with another Island as a mainland... That and auditions are fun...

Yah, there is a group + streaming vids

What? They are? Damn, must not let the Ible bot be outdone by the MAKE uhh, ,agazine... Take that flimsy newsprint!

i'd go for that i hope it's better than the more recent weekend projects. You'll find how to do this on page 66 of make magazine 11. so you connect this to that, then you connect the other thing here, etc etc. I would learn sooo much more by reading the magazine.

I haven't watched the weekend projects for a while, but the last one I watched (the explosion engine) didn't actually work properly - a really bad advertisement for Make magazine.