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Instructables.com is Celebrating 30 Million Unique Users! Answered

We’re excited to announce that Instructables.com just hit 30 million unique monthly users!

Thank you so much for being a part of this fantastic, supportive, and inspiring community. You all are awesome.

We are a community of makers, and we’re all striving to improve our skills. What makes Instructables special is that we’re also sharing what we learn, and in the process, we are becoming better teachers. The two things feed off of each other: improving skills and then teaching them. If I break down my build and explain it to someone else after I'm done, it gives me a chance to examine the how and why in my process that I might not have otherwise done. Creating an Instructable for a project is a chance to reflect and improve upon my design.

All that is to say that I love the Instructables community, and I think it is making a positive difference in the world. We live in interesting times. As Instructables author Dominik Textor put it, “things you couldn’t find in a library in the past and had to travel far to learn can be learnt now in moments.” Instructables is a repository for a lot of knowledge, and it is growing every day.

I can’t wait to see what you make next!


Happy to be 1/3000000 of the people here! ;)

That is exciting amazing news! Woehoe! Cheers to many more to come! yay!

Interesting article!

That is mind blowing. Congratulations to all the awesome people who made it possible.

That is kinda like if the entire population of Venezuela or Uzbekistan or Malaysia was looking at ibles.

...or 6,000 times the population of antarctica.

It is a wonderful moment for all of us!

This is amazing!! Congratulations to all the citizens of Instructables Country :)

Hear that clang? That was my chin hitting the floor!

(I wonder, who got the 30,000,000the view...?)