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Instructacon BBQ Seagull Capture. Answered

Seagull attack!

We couldn't trap this slick beast. But the BBQ was fun anyway. Hope to see more of you here next year, and check out some pictures here!



All you need is a bigger box, propped higher, with the food further back from the prop...

However, as a member of the RSPB, I need to point out that I didn't actually say that...

A vaguely-related video from Clipser

And a similar one from YouTube (can you spot the squirrel that is starting to learn its lesson?)

That is awesome. For a while there I was wondering if the squirrel was enjoying it. 'Cause if that had been me, and the box was baited with ribs, I'd be well-fed and happy, if not a little bruised up. That looks like fun!

HAHAHAHAHAHAHA that is the greatest video in the world !!!!

I can see death spikes on a wall with lots of squirrels hanging off of them... that is awesome though

Hahaha. That's awesome (the one from youtube). I'm going to build one of those for my back yard!

That is hilarious ! gives me an idea for keeping jewelry safe LOL

I suddenly have an image of you starring in a Wil-E Coyote cartoon...

I get ALL my supplies from ACME LOL

I shot our state bird once (goldfinch). It's a long story, not really, but just boring.

Last summer my wife and I got to witness a young golden eagle eating a vole by the edge of the road. We were sitting in an automobile just across the road!!! Not more then 10 feet from him. What a magnificent specimen he was too. I don't get opportunities like that often *sigh*

I was on the beach with the boys this afternoon, next to a small nature reserve called Benacre. I was watching a handful of Little Ringed Plover when a kestrel turned up and just sat on the beach. I've never seen a kestrel on the ground except on a kill before, but this one just sat on the shingle and looked around. Odd.

Is this the kestrel you refer to? Very noble looking falcon :-)


That's the one, although the one I saw was kind of ruffled.

I half-hoped it was a juvenile hobby, but, alas, I think not.

Good news, I've just been listening to a recording and I think it may have been a hobby after all!

Very cool. We have quite a few falcons that have taken up residence on the outskirts of town where I live, as they are running out of wildlife elsewhere *sigh*.

as they are running out of wildlife elsewhere *sigh*.

Meaning "wildlife to eat", because of developments and such taking their forests. Now most voles live "inside" of people's houses :-)

I once helped try to catch a seaull with froot loops and a plastic box. Oh and cheetos too.

lol I and my family would go in a box with the flaps up and pour some cheetos on the top of it and burst out when one or two would land on top of it XD

they like any sort of junk food. like mc donnalds. and other places like that.

lol my dad rode his bike in to a huge flock of them and one of them pooped on him when he was taking off XD rofl

What is the music from the video??

When I was a little spy by Gogol Bordello.... is an awesome song -bg

Cool, Thanks now i will go and ...."legally"..... download it......... :P

Seems i will actually have to download it legally, cant find it on the interwebs

Dammit itunes dosent have it :(



(Sorry, Robot...)

YES! I was hoping someone would post this. You're my hero!


9 years ago

I caught a chipmunk that way once.

Oh yeah. My robot head is better.

Hahaha, look at Josh. And Jessy. And Billy. And Randy..... always smiling.... always smiling..