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Instructazine? Good/Bad idea? (Open sourced by the way :) ) Answered

What is Instructazine you all say? Well it’s pretty much this…

A magazine by the makers for the makers

There should be a little section in this website that contains 3 subsections...

> A instructazine development wiki

> 'The current issue of Instructazine

> And an archive of past Instructazines

The Making Of Instructazine:

Radical eh?

Well the open sourced bit of this idea is that anybody within this community (that’s you and me!) can contribute towards the next issue of the Instructazine.

This is much like wikipedia, but working towards the next magazine.

Once everyone has contributed within the deadlines, others would start compile these pages together and released it in multiple formats. (Html, Pdf, Jpg, A physical hard copy magazine)

The Link System:

The link to the current issue is provided by Instructables free of charge. However if you want to support Instructables, it would be very nice if you could order a physical copy of the Instructazine, in which you are paying for the print and an optional donation to Instructables depending on how much you think you should donate. (Although I personally wouldn’t mind if there is a minimum of a dollar donation)

Sound pretty cool isn’t it?

Too bad it doesn’t exist yet!

>Now lets see if anybody here think it’s a good idea?>Also if such initiative would go ahead by the owner of this site, will you gladly do you bit to help out?

-Signed Akimbomidget


So what kind of content would you want others to put in the Instructazine?

I think these are some of the potential contents, that other may want in such instructazine. Food - thats making stuff for your tummy Microprojects (Microinstructables- stuff that you can do less then or a couple of weeks Useful stuffs - things that can actually make life easier Fun stuff - things that are just nice to make For kids - have fun but safe and educational project for kids, also contains the howtoons. Ta! Well that all i can think of for now... any more suggestions?

This is essentailly printing a collection of instructables? Maybe with a little bit of editorial content? I'm not being negative, just trying to understand what you're looking to get as the end result. The idea has some merit.

I am not pushing for a highly detailed plan to make this instructzine, as I do want to ensure that the community has as much say as they can in regards to this hopeful project. In my own opinion, the end result would hopefully be magazine of an acceptable quality, to which we can document some of our more well made instructables that we have in this website. (Also hopefully, if there is a instructable that is really nice, but is disadvantaged due to lack of good cameras etc... we could hopefully encourage a remake of the instructable done in a more professional way, while maintaining credit to the original submitter.) Another idea for this project is that people, before publishing their work could nominate it for use as source material for the next magazine. Depending on the quality of the submission and the photos, no modification might be done to the article. However if we still like the idea but the execution is less then standard, we would refurbish it with "English spelling&grammar Nazi Ltd" volunteers and "Budding makers" with good cameras. This shall ensure we still have ‘fresh content’, as long as none of those people go the development wiki. However don't take my word as gospel, they are only outlines or suggestion towards a potential solution to bored makers who already read all the past issues.

One way to test out this idea would be to create an instructazine group and then start off each issue with an instructable with collaboration enabled for everyone in the group. You could treat each step as a page in the instructazine. If the idea takes off, we could support it with more features that you might require.

Sounds good :) Thanks for the idea! I'm going to start the pilot project, i would create a group with a trial collab. However since i don't have unlimited free time, i might try and get Dogsrcool2me to takeover the running of the project since he is quite interested in it.) However I would greatly appreciate it, if you could also encourage other to help out. This is by making a temporary announcement about this project., like you did with other competition you run. This is because i believe not many people go the this forum. So therefore without your assistance this project might fall into obscurity. Thanks for the fast reply.

Sure. Once you get some content worth pointing folks to, I'll be glad to give it a bit of promotion...

I like the idea of one instructable step per page and documenting promising instructables better. I want to help but like akimbo m, I do not have unlimited free time(school).

O, I forgot to say I am very exited about the concept of a open source magazine were normal people write the articles!

Oh and another suggestion for the magazine ;) We should also have a page within the magazine for upcoming events that this community might be interested.


11 years ago

Love the idea of instructazine - or maybe a series of instructazines? Taking off from the neat idea of dogsrcool2me I'd love to see an ezine for each of the groups broken into subgroups by time and dollars to complete them!

isnt this basically what make is? www.makezine.com

Might be, But if this zine go forwards, i can be ya that it is a whole lot more democratic. ;)

the diy elecronics could be called 20-20 The projects would be very clear and able to be done in 20 minutes for $20.

What about a cool diy electronic gadget section?

Oh and for the owner of the howtoon and instructables How do you think about placing a howtoon comic in every instructazine?

Good idea. I think there should be a required donation factored into the cost of the magazine. I would be glad to help with editing/anything else. My email is dogsrcool2me@gmail.com. I think we should put together a team of voluntears(sp?)!