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Instrutions on how to brew and make a good american beer? Answered

please email me at michaeltruman83@yahoo.com if any kows where any info is at


Depends on how much work you want to do, and how you define "good".  The simplest is to buy a Mr Beer kit which includes the "hopped malt extract" for brewing two american beers. I did that and my first batch was delicious.

Next in complexity are kits where you boil malt extract with hops and some extra malt grains for flavor. More work, more control over the flavor. That's what I'm doing for my 3rd batch.

And then there's the "real" way where you just start with grains...

Lots of resources on the web, such as "How to Brew" and homebrewing stores are a great resource and fun to visit.

There is a fair amount of work involved to clean and sanitize everything (and its absolutely necessary!), and you have to be willing to wait several weeks for your beer (ok, 2 at the absolute minimum), but it can be a fun hobby that lets you spread the good cheer around. Good luck!

Agree with others, Google is your friend. Find a local homebrewing store near you if possible. I find that most folks at homebrew shops are more than happy to help. You can make a good first batch!

a good american beer!! yeah and then you can make a perpetual motion machine. depends if you want to start from scratch or use a kit. I use kits. google it. seriously there are a million sites out there.

There are lots of good sites if you look but the best require buying good ingredients and sanitizing everything well. Use beer or wine yeast NOT baking yeast. Dont expect your first batch to be great or even drinkable. But dont give up!