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Insulating tape, better than electrical tape Answered

I'm looking for an electrical insulating tape that I can put over some exposed wire that will affix and stay put on plywood. Right now I'm using electrical tape, but the adhesion to the plywood surface isn't working that well. Anyone out there have ideas or suggestions?


Give the wood a fine sanding and paint it with acrylic paint.

After that any tape will stick properly and you don't have the problem with messy glue residue messing all up.
Sticky tape tends to leave the glue behing if it was on for a long time.
For your low voltages and if you don't like painting the blue masking tape from Scotch/3M will stick quite good on the wood and does not leave the residue you get with plastic tapes.

Ooh, the sanding and painting idea sounds good. Thanks for the tip.


3 years ago

Duct Tape should work, I'd get the thick stuff, not what they sell at places like Harbor Freight. I stopped using electrical tape when I discovered Friction Tape (usually same place in the hardware store you find Electrical Tape, I think it sticks to everything better, even itself, as compared to Electrical Tape). You could also use Gaffers Tape, which is kinda-sorta like Duct Tape but has a texture more akin to canvas than vinyl, which you could find at some place that caters to the film industry.

If you need something to insulate and keep the wires in place on the board then use hot glue.

That looks like a piezo electric device, which is low current/voltage. Most any non-metallic tape will do the job.

That's a bad picture. The electrical insulating tip is needed to cover some uninsulated wire connected LEDs. Right now, I'm using electrical tape (in green). I'd like something better though, with better adhesion.

Same thing - LEDs are also low power, so you don't really need fancy tapes.