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Insurance- Why bother? Answered

Insurance.  Why bother paying for it?  People say that by paying for insurance, you are protected and don't have to pay so much for repairs if something happens.  Wrong.

Insurance companies do everything they can to not pay people.

For example, in light of our recent burglary, mom went down to the insurance company we signed with to make a claim and get some money back.  However, we didn't get a single cent back due to a $1,000 deductible that applies to each individual item stolen.  Since none of the items stolen cost over $1,000, they didn't give us anything.  What really stinks is that when we signed up for their program, they had a $500 deductible, which applied to the total cost of everything stolen.  They basically jacked up their deductible, without notice to us.

As for Auto Insurance: www.ninjapirate.com/article/deadrat


I would agree, but the insurance company I'm with has been nothing but reasonable. We went 20 years without making a claim, so now we have no deductible.

.  You get what you pay for. My house and contents are insured for replacement value with a fairly low deductible. But I bet I pay a lot more than you do. I've had my roofing shingles replaced twice at very little cost to me. I had a cheap rifle and a cheap pistol stolen that didn't meet the deductible.
.  I'd also be willing to bet that if your insurance company made any changes to your policy they sent you a notice; probably in your statement/payment due notice.
.  As for Auto Insurance: tell your nijapirate friend to get collision insurance for his vehicle if he wants that kind of coverage. But it's seldom cheap.

I don't know what we pay, but when we signed up we sure didn't pay for a $1,000 deductible.  We didn't see anywhere where they said they were raising it up.

I don't even know the guy who wrote it.  I just found it on the internet and I thought I could relate.  He was a teen when he wrote that article, and I think he is working his way through college at this time, so I doubt he can afford it.

...so I doubt if he can afford it.

This depends on one's willingness to gamble, too. 

If you have a decent insurance company,  and a decent policy, but have no claims ever; one COULD say you wasted your money,  but then, when one DOES have a claim, but they don't have a policy, they'd be "up the creek" as it were.

I do know that, for instance, with auto insurance, I have paid out many more times the cost of all the cars I have ever owned, in insurance premiums,  but the few times I have needed to make a claim, it was sure nice having it there.

I doubt that they jacked-up their deductible without notifying you. Ask them to prove this and they surely will. However, if they can't, they should pay up, and without the need for legal action against them.
This is a crap policy if you wanted your contents covered, but I guess it was cheaper than total-contents cover?