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Intact fog light wiring and switch going to waste, what else could they be used for? Answered

I'm 16 and have a '83 Toyota Tercel, a bit of a junker, but I'm trying to learn everything I can from it.
The previous owner removed the front turn signal assemblies and replaced them with fog lights which isn't legal to drive in MT.
I bought and installed the new turn signal assemblies, and almost removed the fog light wiring (plus the switch inside the car to turn them on), but I would hate to waste all that wiring already set up nice and neat. What else could I hook up to them? Any ideas?


I'm not exactly sure what kind of switch it is, to be honest with you. What I do know is the wiring goes from the battery, to the switch, back to the (no longer there) fog lights. If I remember correctly the other wire simply goes from the battery to the fog lights.

I like the lighting idea, not sure I would want to pay that much simply for looks, though! I'm going to look into that. Maybe it's possible to make one.

How would I know what kind of switch it is? The previous owner installed it. I believe I can remove the switch to look at the bottom, but I want to know what I'm looking for first.

The seat warmers sound so nice, I might look into that, though the heater usually works good enough for me. :)

Thanks for the ideas!


7 years ago

I assume what you have is a switch on the dash that can switch on/off something in the light clusters. Why not install some other sort of lighting (a knight rider "bouncing" red light, for instance)? If you can switch it on/off at will it doesn't have to be legal ;) as long as you only turn it on when parked to impress your friends with your electrical ingenuity...

. It should be a fairly high current system, so you should be able to use it to drive just about anything electrical on a car. . Does it have a relay(s) or just a heavy-duty switch? . It gets mighty cold in MT. How about some electric seat warmers (although you would probably have to re-run a lot of the wiring)?