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Intel Internet of Things Giveaway Answered


Here at Instructables, we have seen some really great Internet of Things projects published recently.

We are elated to have a partner like Intel to celebrate the innovative creativity that the Instructables.com community shares. We’ve teamed up to showcase some of the best IoT content on our site, and highlight the projects being made with Intel’s awesome Edison board and ecosystem.

To further develop awesome IoT projects being shared to Instructables, we are giving away FREE Intel Edison Boards and IoT Development kits to you! The Instructables Community! We believe in your awesome creative potential, and your devotion to share what you make with other makers and tinkerers. The IoT revolution is here, and the world around us has never been more interactive.

This giveaway is limited to 250 folks that sign up — limit one board and kit per address. Once you’ve received your board, and developed a project with it, publish it to Instructables to receive a $50 gift card to SparkFun or AdaFruit. Instructables Authors CAN SUBMIT MORE THAN ONE PROJECT using the Edison Starter Kit, and receive a $50 gift card for each project SUBMITTED!

Simply publish your Instructable to the site, send us a link to your Instructable by January 31st, 2015, FEBRUARY 14, 2015!!! and we will add it to the IoT hub and send you your $50 gift card.

INTERESTED? To participate, enter your mailing address into this form, and we will let you know if you’ve been selected to receive a IoT Development Kit.

Use this forum topic as a way to reach back out to us, and talk about what you’re making! Can’t wait to see what you make!



I heard that today is the deadline for the judging, is that true?

If so, can you tell me when you will confirm the winners as I am a bit excited and hyped!

Got mine, gonna start on projects now. Thank you

does any one have a helpful set up guide? I'm using a mac so the it dev kit doesn't load the required image, then i have to go to flashing it through the terminal. I've managed to load the required docs onto the edison but I'm having a hard time logging into the edison on the terminal. Sometimes it finds the device and a lot of the times its doesn't. Any helpful forums I can look at? Thanks


2 years ago

the stuff has come... thank you


3 years ago

I wanted to post something quickly about this platform. To make a long story short, I am on my third Edison kit. The first two had issues when using external power. After working with Intel, they let me send my first Edison back to them and then they sent to me another kit that turned out to be defective. Intel again was going to let me send it back to them. After some talking and escalation with/at Intel, I talked them into paying for the shipping to return the second defective kit.

The newest kit seems to work with external power through the barrel plug. I may need to flash the Edison again as it is not playing well with the Wi-Fi at my brother's house. It seemed to work OK at my house.

I have been able to make a simple project using an LED, buzzer, and pod. I created a simple metronome that beeps and blinks in 4/4. The pod lets you change the tempo up and down with a constraint from 50 to 250 bpm. When it is set at 50, it stops. Kind of like an off.

The next step is to hook up the LCD screen to display the tempo. Right now I just do a serial print with the current tempo.

Anyway, the Arduino board seems to be very touchy with the external power input. I look forward to playing with the Edison to see what I can get it to do with all of the tools in it arsenal: Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, SD card slot, MORE MEMORY!! :-)

Woah, I'm so glad that you have had open communication with the folks at Intel. Did you publish an Instructable of your Edison projects? Just making sure you got your gift card.....


I got it published last night!

I have not published my Edison stuff yet. I spent so much time messing around with the power. Now that I have something going, I will clean up the code and see if I can get that published this week. :)


Reply 3 years ago

Was anyone else missing items from the Grove Starter Kit? According to the list of stuff on the back of the box, there should be a vibrator motor, Magnetic switch, and a switch (not the button, a switch). These three items were not in my kit.

Is that a misprint on the box or are other people getting these items?


3 years ago

:( i wish i knew about this before, its really awsome i would have made lots of instructables with this

Do we have to make something with it?

Hey JoeGlancy!

What would you like to make with an Intel IoT Kit?

Has anyone in the UK got theirs yet?

My shipment is returning back! Please, how do I change the delivery address?? Two weeks have passed and I haven't received anything.

Can you email audrey@instructables.com with these projects? That way I can get you your gift cards!


3 years ago

How can I tell if my Intel kit has been sent?

*WARNING* download Debian guide on Sparkfun's website may damage your board. After using their guide for installing Debian onto Edison, my Edison was left with a corrupt kernel and is still in dfu mode I think. It no longer shows up as an Edison , it does show an open comm port but only id's as ftdi. I've had no luck trying to reflash the image since its not recongnized by anything with a driver. Sparkfun should not have advised that people walk away from there computer when there is no way to no if it finished when you return, there is no way mentioned to cancel the install, or to reflash the original linux image. I'm going to post this on Sparkfun and Intel's forum too. If the ever do come up with a fix I will update this, along with any response from either.

Got all my extra parts, ended up ordering one of the smaller breakout boards as I prefer them to doing stuff with shields. Hopefully have a project or two done over the holiday break!

Thank you! Just got my board in the mail! I will start working with it first thing in tomorrow :P But first it's time to go to and have a typical Finnish evening. ----> to the Sauna and diving in the snow!

Thank you! Just got my board in the mail! I will start working with it first thing in tomorrow :P But first it's time to go to and have a typical Finnish evening. ----> to the Sauna and diving in the snow!

All of the kits are leaving our facility today! Woo Hoo!

What are you going to make with the kit you receive?

Hello, I have sent you an email requesting the tracking number of my IoT shipment and you haven't replied ! .I am Khalid Sorour

Did you get your kit yet? I dont seem to have an email from you.

My kit has arrived !!! WhooooHooo ! thank you so much instructbles for offering me this opportunity . Once I'm familiar with the system I will publish my work !. I owe you guys some serious big time !

I received your e-mail and yup this is my address. I can't wait for it's arrival !!

I didn't get yet. I re sent you the e-mail. Anyways the e-mail was about requesting the tracking number of my IoT as I want to periodically check it's status.I live in Egypt. My email is : khaled_sorour@live.com

Got mine yesterday. UK. Many thanks to instructables.

This thing now keeps me awake all night. Some learning to do...

Hi Audrey,
I didn't get any tracking info from you (except the one informing me I am one of the winners and a second one about the instructables to be submitted using the kit),and I haven't got any information from the local post/customs office
Is it possible to give me a tracking number I can follow ?
Thank you

When will I receive the the kit, I am in India, and I also dint get any notification that the kit is shipped?? Is it being shipped world wide, or just US?

my kit has arrived in Australia and I am waiting on arrival which is due this afternoon.

thanks again!

Update, kit turned out to be my neighbours package!

Same address (part of a unit complex) but wrong package XD still san't wait until it arrives...

Hi, I have not received my Board and Kit yet. I am in India. Can you please confirm if there is any change in delivery schedule for non-US winners ?

Thanks for the email and FedEx tracking number. Shipment has arrived in Mumbai, India awaiting for Custom Clearance. :)

Received my kit, yesterday. Haven't even broken the seals on the boxes, yet, but will be going through everything this weekend. With time off at the end of the year, Edison and I should be able to begin our work together.

WHOOOOO!!! Received mine in mail today! It must be Christmas! But seriously, <3 Instructables + Intel for this freaking amazing gift. Will definitely kickstart a lot of projects.

Received mine this morning :D Thank you all at Instructables :)