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Intercept traffic camera signals Answered

I know a guy who knows a guy (I know, cliche) who was able to combine a cantenna, a lunchbox, and a small monitor, (and some other stuff) and when they stopped at a red light, MacGyver was able to display the image from the camera on the screen. Basically, they were looking at themselves from the point of view of the traffic camera. So, my question is, how easy would this be to do? I'm guessing the right software on a *laptop with a wifi card would suffice. What does everyone else think? *Edited


No...you'd need a computer along with that webcam and wifi card ;D

lol. I meant to say a LAPTOP (not webcam) with the right software and a wifi card. Woops.

And, as has been mentioned before, only if the WiFi card receives / operates on that frequency .

If they're transmitting by radio, you could do this, but you would need the right equipment. Software alone: no. You need the receiver / decoder then software.


I'm not too familiar with the intricacies of the traffic cameras here in Akron, Ohio, but let's say for a moment that they are, for some reason, transmitting a standard IEEE 802.11 WiFi signal, like a wireless webcam. If that were the case, I'm thinking that this could work. I don't think that it's a good idea to run these traffic cameras on simple, unencrypted, uncoded WiFi, but I would not be surprised for a minute if that's exactly the set up that Akron has. Also, the WiFi card I mentioned is, by definition, a transceiver. I'm kind of curious now as to where these signals are being transmitted to. Are they for vehicle detection? Are they for issuing those infamous "Red Light Cam" tickets? Or are they a part of The City of Akron's public security network? (It's a little more Big Brother than one would expect in this city. I would know, I used to be a part of Big Brother.)

The reality of your situation is this: some guy told you that some other guy did something neither of you fully understand in relation to some cameras that neither of you understand too well. Being thousands of miles away from you, I don't know too well either, we're guessing around a lot of these...
If you can get a closer look at these cameras (do they have aerials?) do some research you might get a bit closer.to a practical answer?