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Intercom landline phone network? Answered

Hi, me and my friends would like to get an answer of how we could make an intern network with tree or more landline phones.



If you connect any 2 landline phones to each other, with a 9volt battery in SERIES with them..... you can talk to each other on the 2 phones. Just run a long wire pair from one phone to the other phone. If you add one more wire... you can add a buzzer line that will ring a buzzer to tell the other person to answer the phone. Unfortunately, to use the existing "ringing" function of a phone requires about 85 volts AC to make it ring. so you are better off just making your own "ringer" This would probably work using a very long wire between the 2 handsets.... maybe a quarter mile??? if longer distance is needed, you might need to add a couple more 9 volt batteries. I think it would also work with more phones... but volume might get low if too many people were on line at the same time.