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Interested to make Photo Frames,with leds or a kind of animated-pls guide me few ways Answered

hi experts, i would like to get guidance for making a Photo Frames, with leds or even the animated one.(those like waterfalls,with light and sound, i have seened some where) be kind to share few ways to make my self form home. thanking you in advance shinu



10 years ago

I don't really understand what you're asking about. If you just wanted to put LEDs in a picture frame that wouldn't be too hard. Just hollow out a spot in the back to hold a button cell battery and wire it to the LEDs.

hi Gjdj3, thanking you for the response. well, whaat i have to make is, a frame, inside of this may be leds, and outside, just can say, an image of a sea. when we are putting on, we can clearly see the sea, and can feel, the motion of the water in the sea.i hope this is because of the light arrangements inside the frame, thses kind, i am interested to knw more to make myself. hope u have got cleared. thanking you and waiting