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Interesting White Paper to Read! Answered

I recently wrote a White Paper (a nontechnical one) called "HIWR.PDF" which you can get here: High Impact Water Rocketry which talks about a new way to shoot water or compressed air rockets loaded with commercial payloads. There is an instructable on this, search around and you will find it, but the white paper, tho it has no images, is still more comprehensive and more detailed. You certainly will like it.

Oh, and, if you do like it, please donate $5 USD to [mailto://nzhang2@oakland.edu Nathan Zhang via Paypal] so I can continue my research and write more articles. Thanks!


I can't get your paper.

Sorry, Nathan, it won't work. The mechanical potential energy stored in a compressed gas is only a fraction of the chemical potential energy stored in even the most basic combustible fuels. A chemical rocket the size of your finger will out-perform any two litre water-bottle rocket. The water-rocket altitude record is, I believe, just over 600 metres, and that is with a technology that is as old (or older?) that liquid-fuelled rocketry.