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Interesting things to do with this old computer? Answered

Just wondering if there are any interesting things to do with an old computer like this?
Pic of the COMPUTER


Christmas light controller? Or use it strictly as a programmer.


9 years ago

I have one that looks a lot like that, right down to the amber hercules monitor. I don't want to throw it away because it has a bit of (obscure) historical significance. 286 cpu, 1M memory, 40MB hard drive. Sigh.

Use it as a centerpiece on the dining room table. It should go great with the taxidermied marmot.

Along with that idea, you could have it play itself in Pong or Pacman continuously LOL *waba-waba-waba-waba-waba-waba-waba-waba*

with (rather repetitive) background music too ! LOL


9 years ago

The new guts idea is simple but charming. Alternatively, find the smallest set of components you can (a Gumstix or Nano-ITX board, an EEEPC etc), and fill the rest of the case with cans of tuna. Then when anyone asks why you have such a big case for a tiny computer you can say "to make room for the tuna!" If you wanted to make an artistic/humorous statement, you could hide some real computer parts in it (false floor, fit them in the monitor or whatever) and put a hamster wheel or ant colony in the case :)

Take out the innards and put a current-generation game console in there. Then use the monitor as the display, and invite friends over to play. They'll be tripped out by playing GTA on an "ancient" computer!

You can throw it off an overpass. Thats how i got my kaypro!

That's awesome! It kinda reminds me of the computer from Hitchhiker's Guide. You could mac-o-lantern it, or you could make an electric fence, or try to re-program it, or you could drop it off of a building and listen to the loud crashing that ensues, or you could recycle it, or you could retrofit all of the innards with new computer innards to give it a retro-new-computer feel (replace the tube of the monitor with an LCD monitor)...

Awesome Ideas, I was actually thinking about doing the retro Dual core computer Idea haha Lets see anyone wanna steal after they see how old it is. Theft proof!