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International 345 v8 engine trouble? Answered

I have a 345 v8 international engine that will not idle. It runs fine if you rev it up but as soon as you take your foot of the pedal it will idle roughly for 20 seconds before stalling. I have put a new set of points in and also adjusted the timing correctly. What would be causing the engine to not idle. Also I have adjusted the idle screw and the place at which it will run is way to high for an idle so I can eliminate this as a problem. I have taken the top of the carby and can see that both jets are squirting as per usual. It has really got me confused this one. The only thing I can think of is vacuum advance but I can't see how it should effect it at an idle. Your help would be much appreciated.




Best Answer 4 years ago

Check the automatic choke, it could be stuck open.

Will it idle when you choke the engine?

Well I haven't checked that yet but the other day when I had the top off the carby it was running better when I half covered it with my hand.

It sounds to me like the carb is leaning out at low RPMs. That could be the result of a bad carb gasket or base gasket, a too small jet for the altitude or the jet needle setting is too close.

I would pull the carburetor and install a rebuild kit.

BTW, Is that engine from a late 70s/early eighties IH Scout?

Interesting it's actually out of a acco truck

I was just curious, about 15 years ago my son traded a motorcycle for a '78 Scout with the same displacement. It was a durable engine but it sucked gasoline faster than an Oklahoma tornado sucks trailer houses.

Also just tested choke and actually idles pretty good so what would that indicate. Cheers

It re-enforces my opinion that its running lean at low RPMs. My advice still stands, rebuild the carburetor.

Your right they are definitely not the most fuel efficient engine thags for sure. So what would a bad gasket do or how do you adjust jet needle setti

Interesting it's actually out of a acco truck

Interesting it's actually out of a acco truck

your all right same thing happened on my 72 double check the choke and make sure its not sticking shut then pull the carb off change the gasket completely remove the fuel filter and clean it if its shot like mine leave it out and put a universal one on the line hook it back up and a just the idol screw it should purr like a kitten when u reajust the idol


4 years ago

Try changing the fuel filter.